Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today I got a wonderful gift!
My Marie painting was chosen to be included a treasury on Etsy today!!!!

What does this mean? I don't exactlty know!!!


All I know is that someone chose to include my work in a list of favorites of sorts and I am feeling special and all that mushy stuff on the inside so I had to share it with you.

so there it is.


Happy Christmas Eve's eve!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving on

There is a new sense of belonging that I have never felt before in my life that now I feel with every ounce of my being.

I own my home.

I can't explain the extreme fatigue combined with extreme happiness that I feel this week after laying wood floors, moving all the boxes myself, cleaning the old place and bumping into boxes and cutting my fingers opening and breaking down boxes, installing new toilets and figuring out what it truly means to come home.


I once thought truly it was where you made it, and that is true to a point. But there is nothing like knowing the walls are yours to break or make.

I am home.

Photos to come as soon as I find the cord to download the images from my camera!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Word vomit

Ok so I think I made a new friend. I will call her 'B' here.
B is younger than I and is about the age of my real little sister who is 4 years younger than I(I also have an ex step sister that is almost 17) and she is a newly single mom (I was once a single mom) with two darling little girls that are exactly the ages of my two youngest girls and happened to be in their same classes and just happened to be best friends!

So I'm excited because she is young and cool and has the nice hair and dresses really cool and for some reason she gets along with me. I feel like that little dog on the looney toons cartoon just all excited to hang out with the big cool bulldog named spike- As seen here-

As I have said previously, its been a long while since I made new friends that I can be in the same room with, much less cool easy going friends, everyone here seems to be so grumpy, so I tend to get excited and I do something that I absolutely hate.

I tend to word vomit.

I just get so excited that I am talking out loud to someone else that the words start just spewing out words and before long I'm tense and giggling and not making any sense at all.


The weird thing is that I am totally conscious of this behavior and inside my mind is screaming "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!!!"
but I can't. I am almost compelled to keep talking until I have made a complete ass of myself.

But for some reason she seems to be Ok with this because we went to the zoo together and she put up with hours of my assness she asked me to go with her to see New Moon. You know the second installment of the Twilight Movies.

I'm stunned! Have I found someone that can tolerate my dorkiness?? Hmmm...

So I see her today and she was so kind as to watch my kids as I was late picking up the girls from school, we got stuck late buying the wood floors for the house we just bought. So we start to talk and there it goes again I couldn't stop it.

Word Vomit.

UGH! I need to take up drinking or something so I won't be such a darn spaz!!!

So we'll see if we make it to movie day.

I know I know.... I really have to look into getting this "ASS" stamp removed from my forehead.

Monday, November 9, 2009

All set to move....

Ok so we got news over the weekend that the roof has been repaired and given a two year warranty that transfers over to us so we are back on schedule to move! yay!!! One week until closing!!!

So I have been like UBER busy....UBER...yes.

Lets see how i can make this short...


I am no longer homeschooling.
The wonderful charter school that my son was lucky enough to get into called that there was an opening for my daughter!

She started today.

So I am still in shock. Left alone in the eerie silence of my home with a little joy mixed with a little sadness and a little feeling without purpose mixed with a little excited because I can think of what I want to do.
I had given up on my own goals to get her where she needed to be educationally. With constant judgment from people with their useless opinions it was hard. I had to constantly fight against the inner need to validate myself through others eyes.
Yeah that was rough.

But No one can tell me what my child really needs. In her elementary school she went up until the 4th grade where in a grading system that 4 being the best and 0 being the worst she started the first trimester with 3's and the second trimester with 2's and ended with 1's yet still was passed on to the 5th grade.

I don't think so.

So I felt that I HAD to take action. And I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad that I did.
Even though we were sure she would be home until next year for the 7th grade, this year I chose curriculum materials that reflected a combination of 5th 6th and 7th grade. I wanted her to waltz right in and feel confident with her abilities right off the bat next year but that turned out to be sooner!

It worked for my son that was home schooled for the 6th grade. He is one of the school's prized students academically, also he was selected twice to speak and write on charter schools, as the right to have charter schools at all is coming up for review and the state board of education has been visiting the charter schools to decide if they get to continue.

From what I know just this short 6 months I think the board of education needs to be looking at all the OTHER schools and threatening them!

This charter school is using the same funding per student but with their modern computer programs and ability to compile each childs educational data DAILY for parents to log in and view or opt to receive emails- their test scores in EVERY subject are so much higher and the atmosphere is so much more positive than any regular public school. And they are FREE! But because of the limits the state has put on charter schools they are in a small building for now and have a waiting list of 1800+ students. Its like winning the lottery if you get in. So you get the magnitude of what has happened to us with TWO children getting in!!!!

I feel so blessed that both of my oldest children are able to attend school there. With average public schools letting them down so badly it is nice to see that it wasn't too late.

The other great thing is that this wonderful public school has grades 4 through 12th grade! So its a good chance that they will get this great education all the way until college starts!

Now I have to pray and hope that my other two daughters can get in for 4th grade and have the same opportunity.

Us Moms never rest when it comes to our babies do we?

I think that is a good thing. So keep up the good work Moms! Together we will change the world one baby at a time!;-)

Ok time to clean and get ready to start a new life.... such possibilities...


Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok so we got news that our new place may need a new roof. Meaning maybe moving in January... Good grief!! SO its a may or may not thing until the 3rd roofing guy goes out there. The seller and our real estate guy have been discussing and neither one wants to get ripped off hence the need for 3 estimates, each one getting more expensive for the seller of the property we are buying.

Don't get me wrong I am thankful that if there needs to be a new roof that I won't be shelling out the dough for it (I could put that dough to better use) but I have packed up all of the items I don't NEED to survive and well now its starting to feel like I need to unpack the studio in order to keep my SANITY!!! LOL All that was keeping me going was knowing that I will have an actual studio space that is not shared by my van! Yes, after years of cramming workspace with living or car space it sounded so WONDERFUL!!!!


So we are back to not knowing.

The joy of buying a home.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

And the winner is...

Treasures*created! my one and only entry for the Dorothy Print Giveaway... the new name of this piece is "Who Needs A Jet Plane?"

Thanks Corinna my dear for participating. I know I didn't do a very good job with promoting this here giveaway. I have had a LOT of stuff going on with packing and moving and getting estimates for this and that....buying a house can be very stressful! I never lived in an actual house that we owned so this is all new for me! Lucky my hubby knows what he is doing! LOL
Ok when I am up and running and have my printing station all set up I will have ANOTHER giveaway that I will advertise as much as possible and make sure it is FUN!

I'm off to the land of tape and cardboard boxes!!! Will let you know when/if I emerge from it!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know....

I know I have neglected this blog severely.... not on purpose. I'm preparing to move. Just a few more details...

I have SO many stories to tell you. Pictures to go with too! Just need more time in the day....

Taking 3 weeks off...will be back on Sunday though to announce the winner of the print giveaway!....



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Fairy Story... diorama of inspiration

I'd like to share with you a subject that tickles the heart of the inner child that lives inside my soul.

tiny things. Yes, realistic yet miniature items of any kind just make my heart leap!

Over a year ago I started with this

What do you suppose was the useful purpose of this thing? It stated jewelry box. But I was not convinced.
What I saw was a rather dull and boring base for a possible amazing story.

Not entire sure what the story was about I started out by priming this with white acrylic paint. It took months and months of joyous placing of glitter and lights.

In the end I couldn't decide on one story and the idea that perhaps that was the purpose of this piece struck me hard. That a piece could inspire endless tales of fairies and festivals and lost children finding magic- Oh be still my heart!
So of course, as I explained in the last post. I became attached to this piece. I even hung it on the wall of my studio and would smile at it and find comfort in its doors for months. But lately my heart is telling me its time to set it free. That the heart tickling might be needed elsewhere.
Its available here in my Etsy shop for my art work.

But alas, Etsy only allows 5 photos but blogger has a bit more room....;-p


Stocking the store

I had a friend walk into my home the other day for the first time and she looked around silently. Just scanning thoughtfully and said. "you know what, if you actually put half of this stuff you made for sale you might be a millionaire."

Point taken.

Hi my name is Gioncarla and I am an Art Hoarder.

That is I hoard my own artwork.

Silly I know, but they feel like children somehow. Each piece though brought me peace in the end, the process sometimes did not. I stress at placement of things. I stress because I know I can ruin a certain look I was going for. I stress because I forget of the forgiving nature of art which leads me to start a new piece every day. I go through the process every time.
And on completion I feel, though on a MUCH smaller scale, much like I did just after giving birth to my children. The stress and pain is all worth the beauty that is brought into the world.

So that's probably part of why I hold on to so many pieces. The other half has something to do with putting my innermost being out there to be seen. A little scary eh?

So, like a good friend said once, 'I am putting on my big girl panties and moving forward.'

Rapunzel is available in my shop. All 3 feet of her story.

You can see it here.

I've been sick lately, internally. Its gotten so that its painful so to the quack I go. The oh so knowledgeable doc says "stress".... Oh thank you wise one.
So I am staying away from stressful things. Well trying to. But you know that law of attraction, the thing you are conscious of is the thing you gravitate to. UGH.

So this week is all about pretending. Pretending that there is nothing to do, see, say and be. I'm going to sit and mediate on all good things and hope the pain in my gut subsides.

So here is to making pretty little things and stories on the wall. Its time that life is made that simple.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

In an alice state of mind...

She's on the brain i tell ya. Not hard to find a way to relate to. Somedays Alice's adventures in wonderland seem almost the norm.
So yesterday I saw this in my brain and amazingly my brain completely directed my hand and my hand actually obeyed! Rather quickly too!

She is coming along very nicely. I am pleased. Almost done...she needs a certain something... I'll figure it out. Eventually.
On ebay right now is my one of a kind Alice outfit complete with some accessories... Click on the photo to go see...

I hope you have a marvelous adventure filled day. Even from the safety of your computer desk. Enjoy!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet a print!

In my recent mixed media adventures I am so happy to have brought this little lady into fruition.....

She is a Grungy mixed media rendition of the famous Dorothy of Oz of course. I just love how her pretty little face came out. As she looks back at the coming twister with a non-chalant 'not again' expression....or perhaps a 'what the hell?' expression.....

Of course she has the ruby slippers and the striped stockings that shows a bit of her 'wicked' side too.

Which reminds me.... I don't know what to call this piece.... I've thought of a few...let me share them with you and you can tell me whatcha think ok?

Possible names:
A.) Dorothy's Crappy Rainbow....
B.) Dorothy's path of destruction...
C.) Not all twisters lead to Oz...
D.) A place where there isn't any trouble, suppose there is such a place toto?

I really can't decide. And was hoping you could help me out with that. Whatcha think? I have one print on canvas paper, right here, needing a good home.... its yours if you give me a good name for her, or vote for one of these, thats fine too ... I'll eeny meeny miney mo the winner on November is that for no trouble?

Post a comment anywhere on the blog and I will tally them up and pick them out of a hat! Enter as many times as you like. The more the merrier!
I Might even put a video on here of the drawing...its been way too long since I last brushed up on my video making skills. I need to do that more often...;-)

Name it. Then the prints will be for sale in my etsy shop in November! After the winner gets theirs first of course.;-)

Got questions? Let me know by emailing me


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Growing & having to say goodbye...

I just watched my favorite tele-evangelist on t.v.- well, there aren't any others I like so I guess he would be the ONLY tele-evangelist on t.v. to me- a certain Mr. Osteen.

Yeah, say what you want about tele-evangelists but I often wondered if God was in charge of the programming because sometimes things that Mr. Osteen speaks of are too eerily similar to my week's experiences. But then again, that could just be coincidence, now couldn't it? ;-)

I say this only because today he spoke of outgrowing things and how we need to do that sometimes. Things get hard sometimes but its just God closing a door so you will reach out for new ones. We get complacent with things sometimes and well, in my own experience, pain is a good way to get you moving and dreaming again.

Just this last week as I prepared for what feels like my final listings for an ebay boutique groups launch after years of other-than-fun experiences with other sellers that I have had in the groups there, I kept seeing this picture in my head...

...maybe it was because I was working on a girls Alice outfit and had Alice on the brain, particularly the scene where she was too large for the white rabbits home... I feel the same. I've outgrown my testing grounds. Art Of The Craft Studios 'custom boutique' has been my home but its sort of small and tired and I realize now more than ever that branching out is necessary. Finding a larger home for my creations has become critically necessary.

So, much to my husbands enthusiasm, we branched out.
I have 3 Art Of The Craft Studios babies now. The first well is not new, just the testing grounds for my jewels, as it has always been. My Art Of The Craft Studios Etsy shop. This is and always will be a hodge podge of things. The second is my folk art. I have found so much healing in Suzi Blu's art teachings. All those that have studied with me seem to get it too. Though I don't interact much with anyone in her classes, I read and am so comforted that they ALL seem to be getting what I get out of it and more. Healing through art. Some do not understand that this art thing IS our religion. It is our worship and praise for the higher power, whatever we call it, it is our soul speaking in a language inaudible by mortal ears.

My art work is my record of freeing of my own personal sorrow. My own triumphs. My inner child and who I want to be someday. All of these aspects co-exist peacefully on the 'canvas' so to speak. When I make them, I display them, I admire them and then when the time comes that I fully understand why I made it, I am then ready to let it go. I truly feel each piece was meant for me to do that. Its like the final act of love, letting it go.
These will be for sale in my Etsy Shop just for my artwork.

The third art baby is a very new one, not yet have I brought one item into fruition for this baby but the heart of it just makes pure beams of joy shoot through my soul.

I have named her. I have opened the Etsy shop for her. I have dreamed up a zillion items. But its not time to send the announcements as of yet.

I will say it is mostly clothing as I do have a passion for the art of clothing. I also have a passion for the land that I live in. Though rough terrain and can be harsh for some. I found my niche here and along with the other hearty and tough plants, animals and people here, I not only survive- I thrive here.
Route 66 like you have never seen. The real, hard, yet artistic side of this land that keeps me from ever finding home anywhere else. Believe me, I have lived in 8 states and driven cross country several times. Nothing ever felt like home but here. I tried to leave it once but that green chile would wake me in my sleep and I would say 'I wanna go home'...

So I think its time to explore that and interpret that into as many things as I can.

I'll let you in on it when I am in on it ok?

Happy Sunday


Friday, October 2, 2009

That time of year

I love October. Here in the great New Mexico desert, October signifies the first cool winds and harvests galore such as the much coveted and fragrant time of year where the green chile is harvested and roasted fresh outside of every place that sells vegetables. The smell just makes you want to eat. Salivating and floating through the air much like a cartoon character would to find the source of the roasted chile and hope to soon fine cheese and a tortilla afterward and eat. The flavor and the heat make life worth living, I tell you, I am not exaggerating. Come to Albuquerque and I will show you. Pure organic happiness New Mexico chile is, and legal too.;-)
We buy a sack and have it roasted for 30 bucks. Then we take it home immediately and we separate it into 30 quart freezer bags and put it into the freezer. Almost every New Mexico Native does this. I think you aren't considered a 'local' until you do this.;-) So when ever we want we pull out a bag, defrost it the peel the skin off the chiles and then chop it up with some garlic salt and OH-MAH-GAWSH... we put it in chopped chicken sandwhiches, with beef and potatoes and stewed Tomatoes and you have the famed 'green chile stew' that all tourists say wakes them up at night weeks later with a craving so strong that they start planning trips back. Hmmm...secret Albuquerque tourism scheme??? Coincidence?? I think not...

Also, ever year we have a very photographic experience. The International Balloon Fiesta starts. Although today was the unofficial start and tomorrow will be the official Mass Ascension marking a huge tourist destination and the final end of summer. The sun itself seems to recognize this change in October and starts rising to the south more, therefore reaching through my blinds into my eye each fall as it moves farther away from the earth in winter solstice.

The cool thing about my city is that they arrange for balloonists, free of charge, to go out to local elementary schools and get their balloons up and launch directly from the schools fields.
Today we had the pleasure of going to my daughters' elementary school to watch just such an event.

Yes the sky is that blue and the sun is that bright, which will fool you even when the temperature drops to 30 degrees the sun is so bright and welcoming and the sky is so blue and you may step out into the freezing cold feeling a bit fooled but it is all worth it. Its this enchanted sky that keeps me from leaving this place. It makes me know why ancient peoples settled in this land worshiping a 'sun god' and calling the mountains 'sandia' which means 'watermelon' as they turn a bright pink when the sun sets in the west each day. Its this kind of beauty that always shatters any suggestion that there is no God. I know there is a God with every natural thing that surrounds me. Carpe Diem my friends, if even in the small things God gave you to look at. Appreciate it. It is after all, only a gift.

Happy October everyone. May you reap a wondrous harvest of life experiences this month that warm the cockles of your soul whenever you want to recall them from here on out.;-)


Monday, September 28, 2009

wearable art...

Ok so I am LOVING painting on fabric. I found the most wonderful of paints to use too thanks to the purchase of an ebook by Princess Tomato on
She has a BUNCH of helpful tips in there but what made me happy was when she said she used these trichem paints.!

I LOVE them, The only drawback is that they cost a lot, for me anyway, and though they are like using a ball point pen, which makes the drawing part easy I hate having to squeeze them at an angle to pool the paint so I can mix colors and shade with a brush. Sometimes this happens...

Yup they are metal tubes so its only so much squeezing they can take and they crack and paint oozes out the sides instead of the tip. The manufacturer states on the bottles to NOT squeeze. But I see it as a precaution, just so you know the outcome, type warning. ;-) Yes. I do like to make some things difficult. Thank you very much. ;p

I have a tendency to use tables for the wrong thing too....

Yup that is my pallet, my mixing grounds. Yes I have plastic pallets, wooden ones, even a glass one around here somewhere but who needs that when you have tables meant for parties that you can easily cover up with a table cloth during party time then reveal your record of past works captured on a cheap table top. This alone should be framed and mounted in my opinion! LOL

Ok so all this fuss is worth it in the end... I make fun painted clothing for children of all ages. I sell them as one of a kinds or occasionally I will remake them for any size. I list them on ebay and then use the money to buy into more paint or a new craft of some sort. This is my addiction...selling one medium to feed another. yeah, yeah I am a mother so in between I do hit the shoe store and take them for ice cream too. I have four children so they clean me out pretty regularly. No pedicures or manicures or trip to the hair salon for me. Oh no I have far too much mothers guilt and art addiction to even think of spending it on vanity. So I'm a homely, stay at home mom, artist. SO what? ;-)

Here are some of my past painted works....

These paints are cool because they are totally washable! I'm not saying they won't fade. My husband has done our laundry and though it was SOOOO helpful, you are NOT to put these in the dryer! I mean you can, and he did and yes the paint was still there but after that they started to fade. So I had to touch up and then watch the painted stuff like a hawk! LOL SO much for hubbys help with the laundry. However I was a good wife and should have won an Oscar for the 'so thankful that he did the kids laundry for me' performance. I would have thanked God, my family and tri-chem paints for sure!

Ok that is all for today. I'm tired and have a lovely walking field trip to look forward to in the morning with my daughters 2nd grade class. Oh the freaking joy i feel right now.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting Apples....

"No no no silly girl that is not what I meant!" The elementary school art teacher exclaimed.

I replied, rather angrily "Yeah well that is what you said teacher! You said we were painting apples today. So that is what I have done."

Who am I? I am an artist, with that unique name above. I know horrible isn't it, its pronounced like 'Jon-car-la'.

Or you can call me Gigi. No one calls me that but I wish they did. Instead they brutally massacre my name then pretend they are sorry when they are just confused as to why someone would name their child that. ;-)

I love art. I love to learn and get right into every medium I can afford and some I cannot! As long as I can remember, when making art I felt like my brain works differently than others. I used to take it as criticism and I took it negatively until one day when my High School art teacher said to me once"Its amazing how your brain works, the hard stuff you get done with ease then you stop on the easy stuff, questioning it too much I think, if you can get over that you will be an art genius unlike world has ever seen!"

Nice huh? Except I don't think I've quite gotten over that 'making easy difficult in my mind' part. Yet.

Why am I blogging? Because I love the art of everything including blogging. I had to leave my former blog because I needed a new home here on blogspot, in hopes of finding other artful souls that might appreciate my writings. I think we all need a personal place to write...oh yeah that's called a diary isn't it? Well think of this place as my online diary or sorts. Where I express myself as I wish. I ask two patient please, I get stuck in 'modes' of sorts when I am creating and often days will go by without me knowing what day it is.

The second thing I ask is that you allow me bad days. Yes, I am a moody one. few allow me that. To have some bad days. In exchange I will do the same. Bad days allowed for all! They are what make the good days so worth noticing aren't they?

oh boy I'm thrilled to get started here...there is so much to show....much to show!


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