Monday, September 28, 2009

wearable art...

Ok so I am LOVING painting on fabric. I found the most wonderful of paints to use too thanks to the purchase of an ebook by Princess Tomato on
She has a BUNCH of helpful tips in there but what made me happy was when she said she used these trichem paints.!

I LOVE them, The only drawback is that they cost a lot, for me anyway, and though they are like using a ball point pen, which makes the drawing part easy I hate having to squeeze them at an angle to pool the paint so I can mix colors and shade with a brush. Sometimes this happens...

Yup they are metal tubes so its only so much squeezing they can take and they crack and paint oozes out the sides instead of the tip. The manufacturer states on the bottles to NOT squeeze. But I see it as a precaution, just so you know the outcome, type warning. ;-) Yes. I do like to make some things difficult. Thank you very much. ;p

I have a tendency to use tables for the wrong thing too....

Yup that is my pallet, my mixing grounds. Yes I have plastic pallets, wooden ones, even a glass one around here somewhere but who needs that when you have tables meant for parties that you can easily cover up with a table cloth during party time then reveal your record of past works captured on a cheap table top. This alone should be framed and mounted in my opinion! LOL

Ok so all this fuss is worth it in the end... I make fun painted clothing for children of all ages. I sell them as one of a kinds or occasionally I will remake them for any size. I list them on ebay and then use the money to buy into more paint or a new craft of some sort. This is my addiction...selling one medium to feed another. yeah, yeah I am a mother so in between I do hit the shoe store and take them for ice cream too. I have four children so they clean me out pretty regularly. No pedicures or manicures or trip to the hair salon for me. Oh no I have far too much mothers guilt and art addiction to even think of spending it on vanity. So I'm a homely, stay at home mom, artist. SO what? ;-)

Here are some of my past painted works....

These paints are cool because they are totally washable! I'm not saying they won't fade. My husband has done our laundry and though it was SOOOO helpful, you are NOT to put these in the dryer! I mean you can, and he did and yes the paint was still there but after that they started to fade. So I had to touch up and then watch the painted stuff like a hawk! LOL SO much for hubbys help with the laundry. However I was a good wife and should have won an Oscar for the 'so thankful that he did the kids laundry for me' performance. I would have thanked God, my family and tri-chem paints for sure!

Ok that is all for today. I'm tired and have a lovely walking field trip to look forward to in the morning with my daughters 2nd grade class. Oh the freaking joy i feel right now.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting Apples....

"No no no silly girl that is not what I meant!" The elementary school art teacher exclaimed.

I replied, rather angrily "Yeah well that is what you said teacher! You said we were painting apples today. So that is what I have done."

Who am I? I am an artist, with that unique name above. I know horrible isn't it, its pronounced like 'Jon-car-la'.

Or you can call me Gigi. No one calls me that but I wish they did. Instead they brutally massacre my name then pretend they are sorry when they are just confused as to why someone would name their child that. ;-)

I love art. I love to learn and get right into every medium I can afford and some I cannot! As long as I can remember, when making art I felt like my brain works differently than others. I used to take it as criticism and I took it negatively until one day when my High School art teacher said to me once"Its amazing how your brain works, the hard stuff you get done with ease then you stop on the easy stuff, questioning it too much I think, if you can get over that you will be an art genius unlike world has ever seen!"

Nice huh? Except I don't think I've quite gotten over that 'making easy difficult in my mind' part. Yet.

Why am I blogging? Because I love the art of everything including blogging. I had to leave my former blog because I needed a new home here on blogspot, in hopes of finding other artful souls that might appreciate my writings. I think we all need a personal place to write...oh yeah that's called a diary isn't it? Well think of this place as my online diary or sorts. Where I express myself as I wish. I ask two patient please, I get stuck in 'modes' of sorts when I am creating and often days will go by without me knowing what day it is.

The second thing I ask is that you allow me bad days. Yes, I am a moody one. few allow me that. To have some bad days. In exchange I will do the same. Bad days allowed for all! They are what make the good days so worth noticing aren't they?

oh boy I'm thrilled to get started here...there is so much to show....much to show!


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