Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Fairy Story... diorama of inspiration

I'd like to share with you a subject that tickles the heart of the inner child that lives inside my soul.

tiny things. Yes, realistic yet miniature items of any kind just make my heart leap!

Over a year ago I started with this

What do you suppose was the useful purpose of this thing? It stated jewelry box. But I was not convinced.
What I saw was a rather dull and boring base for a possible amazing story.

Not entire sure what the story was about I started out by priming this with white acrylic paint. It took months and months of joyous placing of glitter and lights.

In the end I couldn't decide on one story and the idea that perhaps that was the purpose of this piece struck me hard. That a piece could inspire endless tales of fairies and festivals and lost children finding magic- Oh be still my heart!
So of course, as I explained in the last post. I became attached to this piece. I even hung it on the wall of my studio and would smile at it and find comfort in its doors for months. But lately my heart is telling me its time to set it free. That the heart tickling might be needed elsewhere.
Its available here in my Etsy shop for my art work.

But alas, Etsy only allows 5 photos but blogger has a bit more room....;-p


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