Sunday, October 4, 2009

Growing & having to say goodbye...

I just watched my favorite tele-evangelist on t.v.- well, there aren't any others I like so I guess he would be the ONLY tele-evangelist on t.v. to me- a certain Mr. Osteen.

Yeah, say what you want about tele-evangelists but I often wondered if God was in charge of the programming because sometimes things that Mr. Osteen speaks of are too eerily similar to my week's experiences. But then again, that could just be coincidence, now couldn't it? ;-)

I say this only because today he spoke of outgrowing things and how we need to do that sometimes. Things get hard sometimes but its just God closing a door so you will reach out for new ones. We get complacent with things sometimes and well, in my own experience, pain is a good way to get you moving and dreaming again.

Just this last week as I prepared for what feels like my final listings for an ebay boutique groups launch after years of other-than-fun experiences with other sellers that I have had in the groups there, I kept seeing this picture in my head...

...maybe it was because I was working on a girls Alice outfit and had Alice on the brain, particularly the scene where she was too large for the white rabbits home... I feel the same. I've outgrown my testing grounds. Art Of The Craft Studios 'custom boutique' has been my home but its sort of small and tired and I realize now more than ever that branching out is necessary. Finding a larger home for my creations has become critically necessary.

So, much to my husbands enthusiasm, we branched out.
I have 3 Art Of The Craft Studios babies now. The first well is not new, just the testing grounds for my jewels, as it has always been. My Art Of The Craft Studios Etsy shop. This is and always will be a hodge podge of things. The second is my folk art. I have found so much healing in Suzi Blu's art teachings. All those that have studied with me seem to get it too. Though I don't interact much with anyone in her classes, I read and am so comforted that they ALL seem to be getting what I get out of it and more. Healing through art. Some do not understand that this art thing IS our religion. It is our worship and praise for the higher power, whatever we call it, it is our soul speaking in a language inaudible by mortal ears.

My art work is my record of freeing of my own personal sorrow. My own triumphs. My inner child and who I want to be someday. All of these aspects co-exist peacefully on the 'canvas' so to speak. When I make them, I display them, I admire them and then when the time comes that I fully understand why I made it, I am then ready to let it go. I truly feel each piece was meant for me to do that. Its like the final act of love, letting it go.
These will be for sale in my Etsy Shop just for my artwork.

The third art baby is a very new one, not yet have I brought one item into fruition for this baby but the heart of it just makes pure beams of joy shoot through my soul.

I have named her. I have opened the Etsy shop for her. I have dreamed up a zillion items. But its not time to send the announcements as of yet.

I will say it is mostly clothing as I do have a passion for the art of clothing. I also have a passion for the land that I live in. Though rough terrain and can be harsh for some. I found my niche here and along with the other hearty and tough plants, animals and people here, I not only survive- I thrive here.
Route 66 like you have never seen. The real, hard, yet artistic side of this land that keeps me from ever finding home anywhere else. Believe me, I have lived in 8 states and driven cross country several times. Nothing ever felt like home but here. I tried to leave it once but that green chile would wake me in my sleep and I would say 'I wanna go home'...

So I think its time to explore that and interpret that into as many things as I can.

I'll let you in on it when I am in on it ok?

Happy Sunday


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