Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stocking the store

I had a friend walk into my home the other day for the first time and she looked around silently. Just scanning thoughtfully and said. "you know what, if you actually put half of this stuff you made for sale you might be a millionaire."

Point taken.

Hi my name is Gioncarla and I am an Art Hoarder.

That is I hoard my own artwork.

Silly I know, but they feel like children somehow. Each piece though brought me peace in the end, the process sometimes did not. I stress at placement of things. I stress because I know I can ruin a certain look I was going for. I stress because I forget of the forgiving nature of art which leads me to start a new piece every day. I go through the process every time.
And on completion I feel, though on a MUCH smaller scale, much like I did just after giving birth to my children. The stress and pain is all worth the beauty that is brought into the world.

So that's probably part of why I hold on to so many pieces. The other half has something to do with putting my innermost being out there to be seen. A little scary eh?

So, like a good friend said once, 'I am putting on my big girl panties and moving forward.'

Rapunzel is available in my shop. All 3 feet of her story.

You can see it here.

I've been sick lately, internally. Its gotten so that its painful so to the quack I go. The oh so knowledgeable doc says "stress".... Oh thank you wise one.
So I am staying away from stressful things. Well trying to. But you know that law of attraction, the thing you are conscious of is the thing you gravitate to. UGH.

So this week is all about pretending. Pretending that there is nothing to do, see, say and be. I'm going to sit and mediate on all good things and hope the pain in my gut subsides.

So here is to making pretty little things and stories on the wall. Its time that life is made that simple.


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