Friday, October 2, 2009

That time of year

I love October. Here in the great New Mexico desert, October signifies the first cool winds and harvests galore such as the much coveted and fragrant time of year where the green chile is harvested and roasted fresh outside of every place that sells vegetables. The smell just makes you want to eat. Salivating and floating through the air much like a cartoon character would to find the source of the roasted chile and hope to soon fine cheese and a tortilla afterward and eat. The flavor and the heat make life worth living, I tell you, I am not exaggerating. Come to Albuquerque and I will show you. Pure organic happiness New Mexico chile is, and legal too.;-)
We buy a sack and have it roasted for 30 bucks. Then we take it home immediately and we separate it into 30 quart freezer bags and put it into the freezer. Almost every New Mexico Native does this. I think you aren't considered a 'local' until you do this.;-) So when ever we want we pull out a bag, defrost it the peel the skin off the chiles and then chop it up with some garlic salt and OH-MAH-GAWSH... we put it in chopped chicken sandwhiches, with beef and potatoes and stewed Tomatoes and you have the famed 'green chile stew' that all tourists say wakes them up at night weeks later with a craving so strong that they start planning trips back. Hmmm...secret Albuquerque tourism scheme??? Coincidence?? I think not...

Also, ever year we have a very photographic experience. The International Balloon Fiesta starts. Although today was the unofficial start and tomorrow will be the official Mass Ascension marking a huge tourist destination and the final end of summer. The sun itself seems to recognize this change in October and starts rising to the south more, therefore reaching through my blinds into my eye each fall as it moves farther away from the earth in winter solstice.

The cool thing about my city is that they arrange for balloonists, free of charge, to go out to local elementary schools and get their balloons up and launch directly from the schools fields.
Today we had the pleasure of going to my daughters' elementary school to watch just such an event.

Yes the sky is that blue and the sun is that bright, which will fool you even when the temperature drops to 30 degrees the sun is so bright and welcoming and the sky is so blue and you may step out into the freezing cold feeling a bit fooled but it is all worth it. Its this enchanted sky that keeps me from leaving this place. It makes me know why ancient peoples settled in this land worshiping a 'sun god' and calling the mountains 'sandia' which means 'watermelon' as they turn a bright pink when the sun sets in the west each day. Its this kind of beauty that always shatters any suggestion that there is no God. I know there is a God with every natural thing that surrounds me. Carpe Diem my friends, if even in the small things God gave you to look at. Appreciate it. It is after all, only a gift.

Happy October everyone. May you reap a wondrous harvest of life experiences this month that warm the cockles of your soul whenever you want to recall them from here on out.;-)


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