Monday, November 2, 2009


Ok so we got news that our new place may need a new roof. Meaning maybe moving in January... Good grief!! SO its a may or may not thing until the 3rd roofing guy goes out there. The seller and our real estate guy have been discussing and neither one wants to get ripped off hence the need for 3 estimates, each one getting more expensive for the seller of the property we are buying.

Don't get me wrong I am thankful that if there needs to be a new roof that I won't be shelling out the dough for it (I could put that dough to better use) but I have packed up all of the items I don't NEED to survive and well now its starting to feel like I need to unpack the studio in order to keep my SANITY!!! LOL All that was keeping me going was knowing that I will have an actual studio space that is not shared by my van! Yes, after years of cramming workspace with living or car space it sounded so WONDERFUL!!!!


So we are back to not knowing.

The joy of buying a home.

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