Monday, November 16, 2009

Word vomit

Ok so I think I made a new friend. I will call her 'B' here.
B is younger than I and is about the age of my real little sister who is 4 years younger than I(I also have an ex step sister that is almost 17) and she is a newly single mom (I was once a single mom) with two darling little girls that are exactly the ages of my two youngest girls and happened to be in their same classes and just happened to be best friends!

So I'm excited because she is young and cool and has the nice hair and dresses really cool and for some reason she gets along with me. I feel like that little dog on the looney toons cartoon just all excited to hang out with the big cool bulldog named spike- As seen here-

As I have said previously, its been a long while since I made new friends that I can be in the same room with, much less cool easy going friends, everyone here seems to be so grumpy, so I tend to get excited and I do something that I absolutely hate.

I tend to word vomit.

I just get so excited that I am talking out loud to someone else that the words start just spewing out words and before long I'm tense and giggling and not making any sense at all.


The weird thing is that I am totally conscious of this behavior and inside my mind is screaming "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!!!"
but I can't. I am almost compelled to keep talking until I have made a complete ass of myself.

But for some reason she seems to be Ok with this because we went to the zoo together and she put up with hours of my assness she asked me to go with her to see New Moon. You know the second installment of the Twilight Movies.

I'm stunned! Have I found someone that can tolerate my dorkiness?? Hmmm...

So I see her today and she was so kind as to watch my kids as I was late picking up the girls from school, we got stuck late buying the wood floors for the house we just bought. So we start to talk and there it goes again I couldn't stop it.

Word Vomit.

UGH! I need to take up drinking or something so I won't be such a darn spaz!!!

So we'll see if we make it to movie day.

I know I know.... I really have to look into getting this "ASS" stamp removed from my forehead.

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