Monday, December 27, 2010

My beginning at the end...

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah or enjoyed the time off you should have gotten from work...:-)

I felt it necessary to come and try to update this poor neglected blog. I've not forgotten, I've just been ever so busy trying to keep up with the ever changing tide in my life.

I've been working on my mentor- Suzi Blu's- Goddess and the Poet class, that I purchased over one year ago (she gives you a series of videos to keep) and for some reason I COULD NOT get passed the drawing. I found myself totally intimidated by this class and froze up.

Well, today I am proud to say that my inner artist was ready to take it to a new level and thawed out my little frightened heart and OH MY GAWSH!
I am in LOVE with these "stylized portraits" as Suzi Calls them.

Here's what I've done so far:
This is what I've done today:

I think I shall call her Mother Mary.... or something else...don't know yet!

She is shabby and beautiful and a bit more realistic than the folk-artsy- petite dolls that I have been making.

This assignment has been immensely EMPOWERING. Suzi gets you exploring your inner "goddess" so to speak.... and well, though I am FAR from Catholic, I am seeing their version of Mary, mother of God, in a way that I understand all the symbolism that she carries.

She is Mother. She is strength. She is comfort. She has had to be brave. She has had to have Faith. She has suffered. She has lost. She IS love. She had the courage to be what God asked her to be. She is that loving embrace you want to go to when life is hard and the tears burn as she holds you and somehow transfers that peace to you, that peace that lets you know that everything is going to be alright and you feel it.....

yes. this work has brought me peace.

Also purchased almost a year ago and for whatever reason I couldn't work through it was Suz Blu's Petite Angels class and I have one nearly completed.

You can somewhat see the evolution here:

Isn't she calming? I think so anyway.

I think she shall be the angel of acceptance or the angel of embrace....she hasn't finished telling me what she wants to be about but we are coming along fine!

These representations of acceptance and embrace are a reflection of the end of this year for me.

Its been a fabulous year....though FULL of changes and some "inner growth" surprises.

I have a "teenage" daughter, though still only 12. She is "pushing my buttons" like never before!

Much like the Velociraptors (however you spell that) featured in the Jurassic Park film, she seems to spend the day checking her boundaries and seeing where she can slip one by me and go on the attack. Just lying through her teeth and treating my husband and I like we are so dumb and do nothing for her.
Oh man! she is just like ME or at least like I was when I was about 15!
And that, my friends, is the salt in the wound.

But some wonderful wise women I know have told me that this shall pass and my girl will come back to me and treat me as if I am the wisest women she will ever know. Its just gonna take her having some real life challenges before I get that kind of respect....*sigh*

Just like I did.

Again, I'm so sorry Mom:-)

Other than that stage of parenthood, I've been able to reconcile the fact that I won't be liked by everybody and that is okay.

I know this doesn't sound like much, but when I am disliked I do like to know why and if I don't know why someone is rude or cold to me it used to BOTHER me soooooo much!

But like all things you outgrow- I found myself not caring about family that gossips, or tries to purposely ignore me, almost going to a childish length. And to the crazy relative that I have that goes on cross country tours to gain more members of the "we hate Gigi club"....Hey, I hope it brings ya' the satisfaction you believe it will. And if it doesn't....well I don't wanna know about it. LOL I just know I didn't cause this. I recognize the insecurity and leave it at that. Their insecurity not mine.

I don't know when, or exactly how I did it (other than working through my Art) but I DID IT! I was able to separate myself from other peoples issues, including those I love which has been the most difficult. But I find that I can still love them, though they have issues and deep insecurities, and want me to have them too. Love can be unconditional if you let go of your own insecurities and just keep on being happy. It's a choice that comes naturally only with a hell-load of practice!

So yeah,

Its been an indescribably healing, learning, growing and loving year.

And on this note I hope that whatever it is that keeps hindering you, that you may find a way to work through it and outgrow the suffering it may have put you through. I wish you happiness in the coming year. May we sit together next year with even less insecurities than we had this year and with even more joy to spread!

God Bless!


Friday, November 12, 2010

New items in the Etsy shop this week!

I have two new items coming to the Etsy shop! I've just listed one and the other is drying after a second coat of varnish.

take a peek!


I've been making jewelry and hair clips for my other Etsy shop, making art for this one and designing clothing that I plan to make for my third, secret, Etsy shop!

I guess all this remodeling business has been holding back my other creativity and it is just bursting out lately like its been bottled up for a century!

The only thing is that I don't seem to have enough hours in the day to do everything I want, lately. I spend 8 am to 2 pm in the studio then I have to trade my artist hat for my Mommy hat and then my chef, maid, chauffer, and counselor "hats" once my 4 children and my husband get home.... WHEW! that made me tired just thinking of all the "hats"! LOL

Well I have more works I am trying to complete so I'm getting off of here and going back to my little smiling creations in the works!:-)

Have a great day!


Monday, November 1, 2010

What I'm working on (finally back in the studio!)

Though the kitchen isn't completely finished, its more than functional and to be quite honest we are just tired of working on it.

So as to not rush things so we can be done all the way, we opted to let it rest. Like working on a painting, sometimes you need to stop, step back and gain perspective. This is what I call "the painting speaking" somehow stepping back sometimes sparks that certain something it was missing. I had to let it tell me. and then it can be completed as it wanted to be.:-)
The same goes for the kitchen, we will let it tell us when its ready to be completed and not make a move until then!:-)

So we celebrated Halloween and went trick or treating. Something changed this year, I have a daughter that has a boyfriend. Meaning a boy she goes steady with at school only. But his family and our family found ourselves trick or treating together, rather awkwardly, but still in good fun.

I am trying to be supportive, "family dates" are a healthy way to help coach your child to get ready for real dating one day, or so I'm told... but something melancholy struck my heart to the core. My children are growing up. Though slowly, I find myself at a point where I am needing to start the "letting go" process otherwise it will be a great shock to me one day when they announce they are moving out and going to college or whatever adventure they so choose, someday.... I feel like its all going so fast now. But are MANY threads to my "apron strings" so we have lots of time to cut each one, and I am starting now with just allowing ideas of "dating" of any kind in my mind...

Ah, having babies was the easy part of this whole parenting thing.

What else can I do but spend a day with nature, in my own back yard, and in the studio. I felt a bit of reassurance in me today as I took time to notice the leaves in the trees change color. I found myself imagining small fairies were sprinkling their comforting and sparkly pixie dust over me, and I felt as if everything was going to be alright.

When I got in the studio, I started painting these pixies. Here is one in the beginning stages:

My autumn pixies, faeries of the fall, telling me like all good things in nature, they don't so much really end as they do simply change, and they most often change for the good. Always there, but just in a different form for us to enjoy.

Here she is with her finished face...

And there are 2 more with her on this piece.

Not quite done with all of it yet but when its done I will list it in the Etsy shop. My little smiling fairies of autumn will comfort someone in need of a reminder that change can be beautiful, if we take the time to appreciate it.

Hope your autumn is a beautiful one, as mine is:-)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Working it out...

I recently joined the rest of America and ordered cable TV, mostly because of the mass switch to digital and the hassle of getting a box to figure out seemed hard, at least that is my excuse, and I remember feeling like there wasn't anything that I was missing on cable, but I was wrong

There is the most wonderful reality show, and I normally detest reality shows of any kind, but this one was awe inspiring. It was called Work Of Art, a reality show on A&E (I think) and it showed real artists competing for a chance at $100,000. And fame of course.

I found myself in awe, watching the artists work in various mediums, reaching in and trying to translate feeling into art. Oh and I also found myself laughing at all of their rather large EGOS, so funny how I have seen that before with other artists and thought it odd, but in fact its quite common for creative beings to think they are the only true artist that they know. LOL

I felt so very inspired by the works I saw. The first one, in fact, was the one they had to send in to enter the competition, they had to create "self portraits" meaning in any medium they had to send in a piece that represented them.
I realized that I have never made anything like a self portrait and quickly felt what it was I wanted to make and how important it would be to me....

I started a self portrait. A mixed media piece of course, and though it started out easy, I quickly started recalling how I came to be the way I am and all the pain I have had to over come and opening these topics revealed that there was so much more that I haven't healed from yet. In between my home repair projects I have been working on this:

It is evolving and near completion.

Oddly enough as I work on this house and this piece I am feeling something quite unexpected.

I am feeling Healing...

But much deeper healing than I have ever felt before. Its like changing my old, neglected home at the same time addressing my old, neglected wounds and making them better, stronger and more beautiful than this is all somehow connected.

So now that I am near the completion of this piece I suddenly see the world as a more beautiful place than ever.
This mornings beautiful sky seemed to agree.

I believe that most artists, especially early on, lack the self confidence and self awareness to even think of creating a piece that represents themselves only. At least that was my experience and this project was like a HUGE sign that I am now ready.
Though my piece is a likeness of my face, it combines and depicts myself younger and older, destructive and more creative, destroyed and in peace. These are the things that I am currently. I accept this vast array of feelings as my own truth and I make it work for me. There is so much more represented in this piece and I would go into detail but somehow I feel that from now on these things are spoken in the art and do not need to be discussed in detail any further. They are there. They make part of me. They are reconciled within. And that is all that truly ever matters.

How's that for art therapy?

Try it. In some way, if you dare, and see what it is that you learn about what makes you. I hope it brings you peace and joy as it has for me.



Thursday, September 30, 2010

kitchen photo love....

Some photos of our progression. I know I know... I don't shut up about my kitchen but in my world this is HUGE! I get to live in my creation....I am an artist..... its just TOO BIG of a deal to me to describe! Also my obsessive tendencies won't let me stop now! :-)

3 weeks ago we were here:

Demolishing one half while installing the other half of the kitchen, priming walls,
re-routing electrical outlets, amongst other

CREATION of our own concrete counter tops!

which goes something like this:
Take this:

(quickcrete 5000 concrete mix)

Add this:

(concrete colorant)

Add water, mix and put it into this:

(mold was hand made using melamine coated particle board)

Then use a sander around the edges to get the air bubbles out.

Cover with plastic and let dry for 3 days or so...

Then in between making each section we were tiling the back splash with
slate tiles with a glass and pewter mosaic. Also plumbing issues kept arising so we
had plenty to think of during the wait!

(before we grouted the tile)

But after days of waiting, handsanding then sealing the surface of the concrete,
we think it all came together very well!

(photo above shows the grouted tile with the finished counter top)


Well we still have some work to do. Now its just all the "pretty details" which are fun in themselves!

But on the artsy side. The studio was finally cleaned up from being the "kitchen remodel homebase" that it was and I am re-organizing and thinking of some lovely things that I'd love to create! Be back soon with some new art I hope! (besides the kitchen ok? I promise! LOL)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not too much longer now....

We have officially reached the halfway point of our kitchen makeover. I am dreadfully tired. I still have one more 300 lb concrete counter top to hand sand and seal and help my hubby lift into the house but its pouring rain out today so we are just hoping for good weather tomorrow to finish our home made countertop project!
THEN we still have to

  • wallpaper the cieling (its not as bad as that sounds, its "textured wallpaper" Ill show ya soon)
  • Add crown molding to the upper cabinets
  • Choose a paint color
  • Paint
  • Grout the tiled backsplash
  • put in frosted plexi glass in two cabinet doors
  • add underlighting
  • get the disposal to stop leaking
  • install new light and medallion (decorative ring that attaches to the ceiling around the light)
  • build booth and new table for dining area.
and that should do it!

whew! I know, tiring just reading all that right? LOL

But that was nothing compared to what we already have DONE! And the best part is, after this is done, nothing will seem difficult like it did before!
Cleaning, cooking, child rearing- A BREEZE compared to this! LOL

But I am loving my new kitchen. I hope to have some good "progression" photos to show you soon but I can't stop to edit just yet, my "OCD" is kicking in- I MUST complete this project before I can move on to anything else!

Hope all is well with you dear reader. Thank you for stopping by!:-)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Someone you must meet...

I have won something! ME! I won the most lovely item from one of the most lovely people I have ever known (as far as one can know via the internet) and she has a new venue!

Meet Helena of Blondie Blu.

I was reading her most fabulous blog and just so happened to see she was posting a give-away one day and so I entered and I won!

look at this fabulous prize!

A lovely Tea Towel (ignore the dreadful kitchen, it doesn't look that way anymore we are in the middle of a remodel right now!)

WOW the vibrant colors, the gorgeous trim, All vintage inspired and just absolutely LOVELY!

What a sweet note she put in with it!

AND I got a couple of cool ribbon trim loveliness! I can't wait until my kitchen makeover is done so I can make some things with them!

So if you are looking for that unique something that inspires a bit of nostalgic beauty fit for the modern world, then look no further, Keep an eye out for the new Blondie Blu!

I am knee deep in a kitchen remodel and will return when I can!



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recovering from birthday MADness...

I did it. I pulled it off.
The most amazing handmade Mad Tea Party inspired birthday party that I have ever planned....only thing was that I was sooooo incredibly busy that I didn't get to take lots of photos.:-(

I have been preparing for this party for MONTHS. Knowing it would be a birthday/end of summer party I wanted to put in my all. Plus it was for my youngest daughter and she is all about doing themed parties still. So I took full advantage of it!

Here's what I did get captured...

Above is my girl in her Mad Hatter Costume! I admit, I bought the hat on ebay, I tried making a hat out of an old lampshade but it was far too heavy to pin in her hair so we got the foam one. The bowtie was made from remnant skull fabric I've been hanging on to for years now and the coat was made from silk brocade that was on sale at Jo-ann's and I used this pattern that I also bought at Jo-ann's on sale! I just used the abraham lincoln pattern but hemmed it quite a bit to suit my little shorty.:-)
A variety of tea cups and saucers along with name cards await guests. Each little girl could pick out her own special cup!

The rather stressful to make cake that I had the GREAT idea of making myself. I was so inspired by this video on You Tube. What was I thinking doing it in the middle of summer?? It had melting issues with the fondant and with our type of cooling system it started to SWEAT rather heavily! But it was colorful and all the guests oooh'd and Ahhhhed it all the way from the refrigerator to the table! Mission Accomplished!!

I handmade a variety of costumes for each little girl to choose from. Here they are all gathered in my girls room as they got ready for the party!

My baby girl was feeling so very special. Surrounded by family and friends with the most whimsical cake that made mommy cry from the absolute difficulty she encountered when she was making it...LOL but it was all worth it! Look at that smile! again MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

All the little girls cracked me up swinging their little hearts out at the teapot pinata I made, all dressed in their costumes! Too cute!
Vanity has no place in the heart of a girl when candy is involved! LOL Yet they did seem rather graceful here...

Here are my girls all decked out with costumes I made.(Though the hats were bought on ebay) waving goodbye to the guests. These outfits didn't last too long it happened to be near 100 degrees on this day and they kept changing to keep cool! We were all too hot to care! LOL

By far it was one of my best parties. I wish I had taken photos of all the yummy kinds of lemonade in glass containers with sliced fruit in them. It was rather beautiful! I was running from the time the first guests arrived to about 10pm when I was mopping the kitchen and just hit the bed hard and didnt wake up until 10 the next morning! I felt like I was hungover except without the fun of actually drinking! LOL

But all in all it was worth it. My baby girl is still going on and on about how fun her birthday was. So most likely I will do this all again!:-) These kids own me and I'm proud of it! LOL

Ok im off to bed. Tomorrow is registration day for school! WOW summer flew by way too fast! Where does the time go??

Until next time


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wicked fun!

The big birthday party countdown has begun and I am just running out of precious time! 9 days! BUT I came across 4 tiny glass bottles and remembered what fun they were last year so I've whipped up a few to hold me over until after the big party. SO in my 'other than art' Etsy shop I've been adding some wicked fun that I had to share with you!
Click on the photo to check it out!

Until after the party,


Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 5th

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July! (those of you with me in the U.S.)

I have not been able to get online for some days now since my provider had an "outtage" meaning also my cable and home phone services were in and out for a week. We called and called and the only help we could get was "perhaps you should upgrade to our 'business' accounts because we usually fix those accounts first"

UGH! Talk about frustrating!

All that aside its been a productive week! I'm working on a rather large commissioned painting that has been giving me a bit of trouble but just when I thought hope was lost the piece "spoke" to me finally and now I just hope I can make it into what it wants to be!:-)

We had a great 4th of July celebration here in my own backyard. Ahhh I love my home. I never want to leave it!

We had fun with time lapsed photography and some sparklers. Once the children caught on they got their LED flashlight and spent the rest of the night creating! Okay I have to just type here for some reason because when I type in a title to this post and anywhere else but here it shows up in Hindi. I can't figure it out! UGH!
Oh well, I hope you enjoy these photos in any language LOL :


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010 Begins!!!

OH MY! It seems that I've fallen down a rabbit hole...



Along with many others, today I welcome you to the 2nd annual "Mad Tea Party", hosted by the lovely Miss V. of A Fanciful Twist...

I would like to start by thanking my three daughters for playing tea party with me.

We do hope you'll enjoy our little party!

One Day, three little girls decided to follow in Alice's footsteps.
Once the decision was made MAGIC began to happen.
Before their eyes a magical spread began to appear on their table!

The most delicious treats began to pop into place out of thin air!

And they weren't in their t-shirts and jeans anymore, The girls ordinary clothing was transformed into beautiful gowns fit for a Tea Party. Not an ordinary tea party...

A MAD tea party!

"It is definitely magic!" The girls exclaimed!

And suddenly they realize that they were not alone...

Just as suddenly they started to become other Characters
They started to FEEL like the characters from Wonderland!

The Mad Hatter Made a brief appearance in the garden..
(apparently she ate too much cake and was stuck rather small)I Really DO love that Hat...
Oh and The White Rabbit arrived quite on time!

The Red Queen then announced "Let the party begin!"
There were magical characters providing entertainment for all...

And Cheshire kept their tea cups full!And they drank tea and enjoyed the party for hours and hours and never got tired!
In fact, the little girls vowed to stay in Wonderland until they were tired
so to this very day....
Wonderland is where they stayed.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure and visit A Fanciful Twist and see ALL the Mad Tea Party guests!


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