Monday, January 25, 2010

room update...

We have have been a bit busy working on our daughters dream room. I know its been a while. I apologize. But I hope these photos make up for it! :-)

The ceiling above my daughters top bunk bed...

Working on their closet door transforming it into a cafe door....

with a little help from the folks at Envirotex....

I was able to make the mosaic tiled table kid friendly! You see we used cut pieces of stained glass and arranged them and when we grouted some sharp edges stuck out and we were afraid the girls might get cut or knock grout out and get cut so the solution for that is a thick coat of clear resin found at the craft store!

As you can see it made the lovely design BETTER! I love how it turned out!

The Tree entertainment center is coming along GREAT! We are waiting on Tax return money to buy the lighting and the flat screen TV that will go in the second shelf.
Oh and I want to paint faux wood grain inside the tree too! I can't wait!!!

More to come! Soon!!!


UPDATE: I forgot to share the faux cafe window!!!
We painstaikingly chalklined the harlequin pattern but left a 24 by 36 inch rectangle to paint a faux window! My daughters wanted a Paris Cafe scene so we named the cafe "Le Cafe Da Ma Soeur" supposedly meaning "My Sisters Cafe". I stenciled the letters on a piece of plexiglass we got for $9 at walmart. then we attached it temporarily using tacks. Next is to frame it with molding and my hubby wants to caulk it. Just in case!

My inner child is in love with this space. I cannot wait for the final reveal!

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  1. Wow! I love it all but the table top is wonderful with the resin. Looking good!


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