Saturday, January 2, 2010

a world of true imagination....

Just like Wonka's song in the original movie I have been building a world of imagination for my daughters that has my inner child is feeling excited and loved.
As you know I bought my first home. Others had fallen through when the chance came up and well this was the one that wanted me I suppose because everything has gone fairly smoothly.

My husband and I are at work together in our two youngest daughters' room that they share. We let the older two have their own spaces but the little ones couldn't bare the thought of sleeping alone at night! LOL

They have a bunk bed and a dresser ....yeah too bare for us so take a peek at what has our inner children giggling along with our own children....

We took an old end table that someone gave us thinking we are so poor that we don't have endtables, (snicker- yes they would be a family member) and bolted in a 24 inch round plywood piece purchased at Lowes and then we primed and painted it and cut our own glass for the mosaic shapes in the middle and used silver and pink glitter tiles found at hobby lobby and glass bubble beads found at the dollar store. We used Liquid nails to glue each piece down and then used Mosaic Tile Grout found at Hobby Lobby then we used Grout sealer also found at hobby lobby and VOILA! a cafe table fit for two little ones!
Oh an those ADORABLE Tiny Pink Velvet Upholstered chairs were a steal. I found them for $20 each at Ross- the "last years" clothing and accessory store. I love those stores!

My darling Husband and I are working on a Bookshelf Tree complete with inner lighting and 3 dimensional bark- hopefully. Neither of us have ever done anything like this so we will keep you posted and with luck we'll have a thorough "How To" for you.....

On the opposite corner I am muraling- no that is NOT MURIELing...that is a pet peave of mine when people say "Muriel" when trying to say takes all I have not to say "MU-RAL!!! MURIEL IS A WOMANS NAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! DO YOU SEE A WOMAN NAMED MURIEL HERE??? NO!!"

anyways..... that pink castle isnt done yet. Its high up where the daughter on the top bunk can see and on the bottom of the wall will go a knight and a dragon per request of my daughter on the bottom bunk.

I love this stuff.

So that is what I do now. Make art that might breed more art in the imaginations of my offspring.

Yes it is that meaningful to me.:-)

Until more progress is made in my daughters room/ world of true imagination!


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