Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Earlier, in this very blog, I went on a vast venting rant about my tragic choice in friends and .....
Yeah, that sucked.... I went on to describe how odd it was to stumble upon a normal person that seemed to totally get where I was coming from in the topic of "friends". Yeah I gushed about her I know! What can I say, my inner nerd was snorting in joy.

I am glad to update that much to my own relief my new friend is still my friend! In fact we get a long surprisingly well. She is laid back but not to the point where there is no point in hanging out, I just mean that she simply lets me be me and doesn't try to fit me neatly in a category so she feels better like so many people often try to do.

She and I have a lot more than that in common....but I know you don't have all day... LOL

I wish I could share an actual photo of her for you to see for yourself but in fact, last summer in 2009 I took a Suzi Blu art class and painted a "little red riding hood". I loved it so I thought I'd try to duplicate her on a smaller item. I chose a wooden box that was shaped like a book and was hinged and opened up to store secret treasures. So I painted her but she came out looking a bit older than the original and seemed like she had a certain look in her eye like SHE was waiting to attack the wolves.

Now that I have unpacked my little painting from our big move I noticed my painted "little red" bears a strong resemblance to my new friend!

At first I shook it off and said "NAH" but then my daughter walks in as I was looking at my painting and says "Hey Mom that looks just like B!" (I will call her "B" and not share her actual photo because I'd like to keep my friend LOL)

Its So WEIRD! I showed her and we are both not too shocked since we seem to get along like we have known each other for decades!

I am just so glad that I have been able to re-define friendship in my own life and find that I am attracting good ones in my life so fast. I like feeling that I have all healthy relationships that are beautifully balanced. Proof positive that my thinking has had to change before I can physically see the change in my life! I am challenging myself to see what else I can change for the good by changing it in my mind first.

I will let you know. I hope I inspired you today to THINK good with me!

Till next time!


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