Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Puppy Love

Its a boy!

Meet my boy Chewbacca. Rescued 1-21-10. all 8 lbs of him was only 3 months old. My poodle terrier mystery mutt baby.

Our other dog, Ginger (also a papillion/chiahuahua mystery mutt rescued 4-15-09) seems thrilled. Ok maybe not so much in this picture, where she was pretty suspicious of my camera...
But Ginger and Chewy play together all day. It seems all her bad behavior like peeing in the house and crying all night is over now that she is not alone. You see all 4 of my kids are in school all day and Ginger was feeling lonely.
My husband wanted a boy dog that wasn't afraid of him. Most dogs dont like the "dominant aggressive alpha male energy" that my husband puts out (according to the Dog whisperer- LOL)
So after two or three weeks of playing with many hopefuls and visiting both city animal humane shelters repeatedly. We found Chewy and it was love at first sight!

For forty bucks we got a wonderful loving and CUTE new member of the family that has been neutered and has all his shots are completed and he is micro-chipped. AND we feel all good inside knowing we RESCUED him from certain death.

I encourage you to please rescue an animal if you can!!
My heart went out to all the other dogs that I didn't take home. I swear I would have taken 20 if I could have. There are some great dogs at the pound. Please don't forget about them!;-)

We feel complete here now. Everyone here has a sense of belonging and well-being lately.

Welcome home Chewy!

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