Monday, March 22, 2010

love & beauty and pink toilets gone

Today is a wonderfully warm day in the great southwest. The air is finally warm, though snow is predicted as was last week where I found myself on one day wearing a tank top and flip flops, exposing my alarmingly pale feet to the rays of the sun then on the next morning I looked out my window as I usually do to see what kind of day it might be and was shocked to see 2 inches of snow.


Yeah, I like snow. but not on the first day of spring. That's just salt in the wound, ya know? We got lots of snow this winter so with the digging out of flip flops, one would hope that snow would be gone for the season. Alas, I am wrong. Mother nature is indeed bi-polar here. today 68 degrees tomorrow the same and wednesday will be 46 degrees and I don't doubt it!

Im taking a five minute break to rest my arm from hammering through drywall to create the opening to my future sewing nook. I love to sew. I am making costumes for my youngest daughters "alice in wonderland" birthday party in August.

The plan is to get her and the back yard all decked out for her special day. I haven't been feeling well so I am just working on less labor intensive things until my belly fully heals from passing wicked kidney stones. Damn those are not fun. Childbirth is easier because at least it ends in a few hours and you get a nice reward, a baby! Not days of soreness and infections and feeling like an old lady as I shuffle around the house.

Now I didnt let it stop me fully! I can't sit for the hours needed to sew but my husband and I finished the master shower:



Cool right? Before it was vomitous! I know! But AFTER is just wonderful. I am seeing what I imagined could be done with this house when we bought it! I love that!!!! Oh and rest assured the pink toilet was picked up by a very nice man the spoke in broken english "can I have toilet?" I was so very happy to let him have it! Saved me a trip to the dump and he seemed thrilled too! The old saying is true ya know. One mans trash.....

Anyhow, we got the cool low flow Kholer's in both bathrooms- yet another funny story with that one but I'll save that for another day.

Also, we managed to lay new tile on the floor. Hubby made the cuts and I put them in. It was a tiny 4ft by 4ft bathroom but it looks so lovely now that the grout has dried!

Next is to tile up the wall halfway- like a continuous back splash. I already purchased the rustic medicine cabinet and picked out the vanity. Turns out to be cheaper to buy something already made than to buy an actual antique and put in a vessel sink. I'm balling on a budget here!
Man I sometimes wish I could hit the lottery but not have the crap that goes along with it. Just so I could fill my home with all of the wonderful antiques I find. But I suppose that would be Hoarding after a while and then I'd be on T.V. for that and eventually the vultures would come to pick my bones clean, financially, that is.

Ok wait. what was I saying before I went off on this tangent?

ah forget it. Must have not been that important I guess.

Ok im off to smash things then fix them up better than before! yay! will show more later!



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