Friday, April 30, 2010

Working through...

I've been so busy in the studio lately! I'm working on original pieces and also working on finishing the studio! I was able to purchase some insulation with my own profits and my husband and I put in rolls of insulation in and rearranged a bit and I have a painting station set up and am getting some much needed work done.

I found a lovely client. Or rather she found me and has me blissfully busy creating art. I'm working on her custom pieces and new pieces are coming to mind that I can't wait to create. So I plan on spending hours and hours in the studio. My only interruption is the dropping off and picking up of children. Oh and my children seem to have all DRAMA for me lately.

Between my sons heartache after his first romance ended, my oldest daughters announcing liking a BOY! Then my third child having drama in school between her best friend and a new friend. Girls like to control other girls and its hard to explain that without it sounding so bad, but it is just that bad! My only saving grace is that she and my youngest daughter will be moving to a new school next year that is within walking distance of my home. She and I are both so looking forward to the fresh start! But that is the bitter part in that sweet fact- My baby, my kindergartner is having a hard time with the change. Here we are at the end of the year and she cries when we pass the new school, not wanting to go there already. My heart aches.

So here I am in between the rock and the hard place once again. I know moving my daughters will be the best thing. They will most likely find some settled friends that are a permanent part of the neighborhood and I want that for my babies. I didn't have that growing up so I spent the last few years trying to keep things stable by transferring all my kiddos to one school. Driving sometimes 20 minutes each way to get them to the constant thing until a time came that we could finally buy a home and settle down.

So I'm gonna go make some art. I have a few things in mind that might convey well through mixed media. I find that, in the time spent creating, I give myself the time to work things out mentally and then when it comes through on canvas, that is the moment I know I can handle things. I relax and somehow the piece comes alive. Like a dear friend that helped me through a rough patch. Or like what I'd imagine a loving father would be like, giving wise and loving advice about how to get through a tough situation that makes sense and is in my best interest.
I come to love my pieces because they do help me!

So ill try to come back soon. With some photos! But now I just have to work through some issues and hopefully I'll have something beautiful to show you and some sort of wonderful resolution to share!
Here's hoping!


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