Saturday, May 8, 2010

local photo love...

Here are a few shots I was able to edit from around my town...Albuquerque.
I think I like my town much more as seen through the lens.

Walking through the lovingly preserved yet highly overpriced Plaza at Old Town. It is candy for the lens though. I just love to photograph anything down there. I just wish my pocketbook would allow me to shop there too! It is charming and the place to find all kinds of unique and interesting items.
Old town. As you enter on the east side of the charming tourist destination this lovely mosaic caught my eye and I fell in love with it. This is where the old west meets contemporary artists.

The beautiful Sandia Mountains. The word "sandia" translates into the word "watermelon" which you can see the coloring at sunset will tell you the whole story as to why they were named so. They are more brilliantly pink for just a few minutes but I couldn't get my lens changed out at the right time and this was what I caught just before they faded to their regular hues of brown and green... Oh and I was at a grocery store in the parking lot when the inspiration struck and I also thought that I have never taken a shot of this. I see it every day and rather take it for granted. So I just so happened to have my camera and decided to end that horrible fact. But then you see all the lovely Circle K signs and telephone wires and such. Which is more like the Albuquerque I know. Nothing but city. With lots of natural beauty well within reach.
I hope to post more of these soon! There is lots that I am sure I am taking for granted that you might appreciate.


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