Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love uncondtionally...

My work...she is done...

After much Push/Pull, as Suzi Blu teaches, both inside and on this painting. I feel she is done.
I added more dimension to this piece and drastic change. I find it perfectly matches what I have envisioned for over a year now.

Yesterday I was violently ill, a stomach virus, fever, vomiting with an achey back and neck.

Blessed am I , that I have my husband that is in tune with me and he called in to work to spoon feed me liquids and get me back to walking and thinking straight again!
Today I am feeling much stronger, though not at 100% as of yet, I feel so much better that this time last night! All the while that my husband lovingly took care of me I was thinking of this piece. How special it is to me. Also that a lot of people do not what unconditional love looks like. I do hope I can put a good visual as well as convey for feeling for them, so that they can find it too. I put it for sale in my Etsy shop. I know the price is higher than most, but I couldn't sell it short, its pure feeling translated into art.

Feeling loved like no other by none other than my true love...:-)


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