Sunday, May 2, 2010

more photo love..

as promised... Photos!

Thought you'd like to see what I've been up to. its raining and feels like 40 degrees outside here in the New Mexico desert. Winter makes a dramatic exit around here.

I've had some commissions to work on. Which I am delighted to find that my old "mental blocks" have faded to the back for the most part.
I used to struggle with each step, so afraid to ruin my work. Questioning my own ability the entire way through the creation of each piece.
I doubted myself entirely.

But God sent me a little angel of a client and she seems to appreciate my work and she gives me freedom to create that seems to allow me to channel in the perfect balance between confidence and artistic ability that I had been lacking.

in my Etsy shop I put this painting up that sold within 24 hours, much to my surprise!

And my client missed out on it so she kindly inquired on commissioning another and I was shocked that I was actually able to create another!

Don't you just LOVE surprises like that?
Now I can't seem to decide which one I love more! They both were wonderful journeys for me. I think I shall love them differently but equally. Just like my children, I suppose. :-)

So she loved it and kindly inquired about commissioning another with a more personal meaning and today I believe I have finished it!

They are so pretty! So much more so in person! I love this piece so much!

I hope my client loves them too. Part of me hopes she doesn't so I can add them to my own hoarded art collection! LOL

I never said I didn't have serious issues.
Remember that. LOLOL

OH and my oldest daughter turned 12! I cannot believe my little cherub-like baby girl is getting a grown up body and has started to notice BOYS!

Time flies by...

That's her talking on the phone to my mother that sent her a sewing machine of her own! She chose the most brightest and contrasting colors one can find for each of the four walls of her room. She has big plans! It seems I have someone wanting to follow in my footsteps. I only hope that she skips over the crap I often stepped into! LOL

I have two more pieces I have started so I'm off to play with these pieces on this cold, cold, wet day...


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