Wednesday, May 19, 2010

what im working on...

I'd like to start posting a weekly "what I'm working on" post to show what I've gotten myself into each week artwise.:-)

Last week I completed my second original piece of 2010- "Lovely Marie"
here she is in progress:

Here she is complete!
I had purchased the "Petite Marie" class from Suzi Blu after taking her Petite Dolls class and life got in the way and I realized that I had never actually sat and watched the videos as I worked along and I was so surprised that she came so easily when I finally did. I have prints of her coming along but she is hanging in my room where my former muses once were giving me daily advice and comfort...:-)

So now that the pretty Miss Marie is done there was something deeper I had been pondering for over a year now. A piece that would illustrate a very deep emotion for me. I had been thinking of the details for so long now that I finally felt that it was time...

Its not complete as of yet and this one is so deep for me that I cannot work on it yet without welling up with big tears.

I want to illustrate Unconditional love, rare and true, as I know it. If you could visit my life in a minute you would understand why this is such a big deal to me. Growing up it was hard to find this love, I would seek it but constantly not find it from those that I felt should have it for me but sometimes we are born to people that cannot give what they do not know. As an adult I had faltered even more with my early choices and found myself low. Very low. But still felt open to find something more in this life and not give up.

One event led to another and the voices of a choir led me into a church which set the start of me finding real love. Just as I was, broken and sad, God was real and I found that He did love me.

Then not long after I found my husband whom, unlike most people, allowed me to be and loved me just as I was. Not altogether sane or perfect by any means was I, but somehow he loved me instantly as if I was perfect and unbroken. They both still love me just like that to this day and I cry when I think about how long I went before these events judging myself as I was treated by so many. I had begun to agree that I was unlovable. So in this piece I recall that moment where I found this love, I cried with elation and relief and inside I said "I knew it! I knew I could be loved!"

So that is where I am, working and crying with joy, celebrating my lifes' victory.

I hope to have this piece done by the end of the week but sometimes my art has other plans so like I usually do, I'm just going to go with it and see where it takes me. For its almost always the perfect journey when you let your heart guide you.

Until next time,

much love, unconditionally...


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