Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010 Begins!!!

OH MY! It seems that I've fallen down a rabbit hole...



Along with many others, today I welcome you to the 2nd annual "Mad Tea Party", hosted by the lovely Miss V. of A Fanciful Twist...

I would like to start by thanking my three daughters for playing tea party with me.

We do hope you'll enjoy our little party!

One Day, three little girls decided to follow in Alice's footsteps.
Once the decision was made MAGIC began to happen.
Before their eyes a magical spread began to appear on their table!

The most delicious treats began to pop into place out of thin air!

And they weren't in their t-shirts and jeans anymore, The girls ordinary clothing was transformed into beautiful gowns fit for a Tea Party. Not an ordinary tea party...

A MAD tea party!

"It is definitely magic!" The girls exclaimed!

And suddenly they realize that they were not alone...

Just as suddenly they started to become other Characters
They started to FEEL like the characters from Wonderland!

The Mad Hatter Made a brief appearance in the garden..
(apparently she ate too much cake and was stuck rather small)I Really DO love that Hat...
Oh and The White Rabbit arrived quite on time!

The Red Queen then announced "Let the party begin!"
There were magical characters providing entertainment for all...

And Cheshire kept their tea cups full!And they drank tea and enjoyed the party for hours and hours and never got tired!
In fact, the little girls vowed to stay in Wonderland until they were tired
so to this very day....
Wonderland is where they stayed.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure and visit A Fanciful Twist and see ALL the Mad Tea Party guests!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photo Love- My many craft loves...

I was cleaning out photographs from my computer and looking through YEARS and years of photos of my crafts and I found myself pleasantly surprised with my personal portfolio.

I once had a friend criticize me, by saying "well you seem to get all excited for something then eventually you quit and find something else to be excited for"

As if this love of crafting of mine were a bad thing. As if we are all supposed to chose one thing to do until we die.

As if!


So I am going back a few years and will show you my many flames that I must admit STILL excite me and unlike a husband I can LOVE all of them at once! LOL Mind you that my Business name that I share with my husband(whom is also very crafty AND is my one and only HUMAN LOVE:) is Art Of The Craft Studios.

Selling my youngest daughters newborn clothing on ebay, I stumbled upon a new world. The world of handmade custom boutique clothing.

2006: I taught myself to make polymer clay jewelry that I began to sell on ebay

I taught myself to sew using instructions found at this site.

I then taught myself to make Soldered pendants.


I got better and more DARING with my designs and began to sell regularly on eBay.

I also made unique totes for children

2009: My busiest year yet!

I also learned how to paint on clothing:

And then I painted on clothing that I sewed too!

My daughters were my models and I was the photographer and seamstress and eventually we were invited to participate in themed event within the ebay custom boutique community.

Le Marionette

Fairies and Friends:

And my final themed set sold just about one year ago.
My pièce de rèsistance


It was very impressive amongst the other ebay designers- Which were, unfortunately, most of my audience.
It sold for $200 which wasn't much after 4 months of working on the 11 pieces that made this one sized set.

It was featured on a site that talks all about this genre of clothing read here.

Also I took a PMC (precious Metal Clay) jewelry making class with my husband and we made some shiny things together out of pure silver!

Also I began to explore mixed media art when I found Suzi Blu on You Tube

Then Miss Suzi started teaching classes and I learned how to draw big eyed girls the right way!

And the funny thing was I realized that Painting made me tremendously happy whereas Sewing made me sad and I wasn't aware that it was the sewing. I literally would feel so sad that I would end up in tears when I would sew.

I think I began to burn out on sewing in 2009. Not so much because some of the weirdo buyers I would find now and then and their demands for TONS of work for pennies, I could deal with that, but it was the insecurity of all the other SELLERS that I had once admired and respected from afar, I got to know many of them and eventually left a bad taste in my mouth for sewing for ebay. I didn't want to be one of them!

SO much game playing, unsolicited critiquing and advising that was very questionable, it was disgusting and really made me sad. I began to wonder if all creative people were so damned insecure and questioned how they could really believe and feel as if they WERE their sales?? Sadly, with the ones I was closest to for years the answer was YES. I found no need for any of them!

The great thing about sewing was that I would take something that I made for my daughter, that tickled my heart to see her all decked out in and she LOVED to model it and felt all special inside and then we'd sell it! I did two wonderful things with selling it- I made another mom and daughter happy and secondly I made some money to treat my kids to extras that we could not afford otherwise and then it was also money to buy supply to do it all over again! Fabric is expensive, it takes DAYS to create one outfit. Its NOT a fast art or by any means is it easy! I once loved it but whenever I tried to sew I remembered all the words of "help" I received from other sellers. Their words echo and it made me sick.

So I dove right into Suzi Blu's teachings and guess what I found?

Art Healed.

IT DID! Creating art healed me. The sad was taken away by color and paper and pretty little big eyed girls smiling back at me! So much so that earlier this year I began to list my art for sale on Etsy.

If I had not gone through all of the things learning my crafts I very seriously doubt I would be as happy with myself as an artist that I am now.
Now that is they key. Feeling happy with yourself within your self!

So its been quite a journey for me, as you can see. But I felt the need to post this to remind everyone to keep going. Don't worry about sticking to ONE thing just go with your heart and in the end it will all make sense!

Keep on going!


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