Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010 Begins!!!

OH MY! It seems that I've fallen down a rabbit hole...



Along with many others, today I welcome you to the 2nd annual "Mad Tea Party", hosted by the lovely Miss V. of A Fanciful Twist...

I would like to start by thanking my three daughters for playing tea party with me.

We do hope you'll enjoy our little party!

One Day, three little girls decided to follow in Alice's footsteps.
Once the decision was made MAGIC began to happen.
Before their eyes a magical spread began to appear on their table!

The most delicious treats began to pop into place out of thin air!

And they weren't in their t-shirts and jeans anymore, The girls ordinary clothing was transformed into beautiful gowns fit for a Tea Party. Not an ordinary tea party...

A MAD tea party!

"It is definitely magic!" The girls exclaimed!

And suddenly they realize that they were not alone...

Just as suddenly they started to become other Characters
They started to FEEL like the characters from Wonderland!

The Mad Hatter Made a brief appearance in the garden..
(apparently she ate too much cake and was stuck rather small)I Really DO love that Hat...
Oh and The White Rabbit arrived quite on time!

The Red Queen then announced "Let the party begin!"
There were magical characters providing entertainment for all...

And Cheshire kept their tea cups full!And they drank tea and enjoyed the party for hours and hours and never got tired!
In fact, the little girls vowed to stay in Wonderland until they were tired
so to this very day....
Wonderland is where they stayed.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure and visit A Fanciful Twist and see ALL the Mad Tea Party guests!



  1. What a magical tea party with the prettiest guests! You're cordially invited to my tea party for some more fun and frivolity! :D

  2. Hello Gigi,

    Your girls are lucky with a mom like you who shows them the way of fantasy and imagination !
    I bet they talk about this special party with all their girlfriends who definitely will envy them. But that would be an opportunity to held another party :)

    I like your pink and blue cake !!!! This would be a perfect one for me cause these are really my colors :) Did you make this yourself ?

    You made nice photo's and you have good photoshop skills...

    greetings from belgium
    Feel welcome at my party : I also have a blog give-away...

    I also love the story of your "blogname"...

  3. What a delightful Mad Tea Party for this 2010 fest! My grand children and I also made fun family memories with ours. :) I loved your childrens tea sets as well the lovely outfits and the tasty treats. Thank you so much for a delightful visit. :)

  4. What fun! I loved the bright colors. It looked like you had a wonderful time getting ready for the party! Thank you!

  5. What beautiful little ones! Lovely photos too. Love how you painted on apples instead of painting apples! When I was little my brother looked at my coloring book and said You need to color inside the lines. And I walked away thinking What an abstract idea. Keep painting on apples.
    **blows kisses** Deb

  6. Oh what a lovely and sweet tea party! I was totally enchanted by your cast of characters. Thank you for inviting me. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  7. OMG! those little girls are too cute for words!

    I wish you a h^ppy Mad Tea Party!
    Thank you for inviting us!

  8. Such a lovely tea party...thank you for sharing tea with me! ....lovely little girls!

  9. Simply delightful!
    Thanks so much for having us, Zuni and I had a wonderful time!

  10. What a fun tea party! Thanks for inviting me....please come by and have tea with me too...

  11. Very cool, it was a lovely tea party captured in brilliant pictures and oh, how i covet the mad hatter's ensemble!

    i wish i had a low maintenance cheshire cat willing to assit like that too!

    Love the party AND your site!

    Have a mad mad zany week!
    XOXOX Rhonda Roo

  12. AMAZING Party! Thank you for inviting me to join the festivities and stay for tea. If you have not yet done so, I'd be honored to have you sit a spell with me ~ for tea...
    Sincerely, Theresa (aka The White Queen)

  13. Gigi, I had a wonderful time the girls are terrific hostess'. I wish I could have stayed longer! I hope you and your girls will come for a spot of tea with my twins at
    Hope to see you there!

  14. I had such a wonderful time at your party. Your daughters are positively enchanting and wonderful hostesses. Everything was scrumptious and pretty, a wonderfully whimsical time!

    I hope you'll stop by and grab a cuppa with me.

  15. Your girls are so pretty and I love their dresses and hats.

    Thanks for letting me share in your special tea party! If you haven't already please stop by my gathering.
    ~ Misha/DawaiOser <3

  16. A lovely tea party. All three girls looked fab in their outfits. This party had the prettiest Mad Hatter I have ever seen.

  17. You set a beautiful table! Thank you for inviting me over for tea!

  18. Oh, I am so sorry to be so late...but I did have a magical time here today! Your girls are just delightful!

  19. Oh what a simply woundrus and colorful tea party you had. The tea was amazing and so were the other goodies. I had a fabulous time and may come back again to look around some more. I hope that you will come to mine and look there. thank you for having me.

  20. What lovely girls at such a magical tea party! Love the tablescape and those wonderful outfits! Thanks for having me!

  21. Gigi! I'm so glad I'm not late for tea, and your girls! Oh, how adorable they are! And that cake!!! MY MY! MY! You had the most glorious tea for us, and I thank you for having me. I hope you will allow me to return your kind hospitality and give you a cup of tea and a piece of cake. But I warn you, the Queen will have a fit if you touch one of her cookies! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  22. And I hope I just spelled tea "TEA" and not "TEE"! LOL! I've been traveling long...

  23. What cuties! Looks like they had a fantastic time!
    Please feel free to stop by my own Mad Tea Party and giveaway!
    All the best!

  24. What a lovely party, it looks like they had a wonderful time :) I just love that amazing cake with the tea cup on top! :) ~Lauren

  25. What a tea party! Between that fondant covered cake, the gorgeous outfit & fun whimsy - well wish I could have been part of it!

  26. Thank you ever so much for stopping by earlier. I SO enjoyed your visit. And thanks so much for having me share in your amazingly beautiful Mad Tea Party. Gorgeous photos!!!!!!


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