Monday, June 7, 2010

Photo love....a story in the clouds

I love New Mexico.

I tried to move away once. After a while I started to really ache in my heart for the sun and sky. As if they were part of me and in Missouri, Illinois and Texas the natural beauty there just didn't cut it for me. It didn't move me in the slightest. My heart remained here and it called for me until I could no longer bear it and I returned immediately.

And this is where I shall stay.:-)

My husband and I were working on our backyard yesterday. It was sorely neglected by the previous owners and needs lots and lots of love and care. Its been so hot that we didn't get much done all last week but yesterday a beautiful sight rolled in. Literally.

Clouds. Lots and lots of water filled clouds rolled over the mountains. So we got outside and worked while it was cooling off to a chilly 90 degrees...LOL

Eventually the winds picked up and while we were working on leveling the yard I happened to look up and it was breathtaking....

The clouds were moving, in utter silence they were twisting and turning so rapidly that I could hardly believe I wasn't dreaming! Was this an Angel taking shape??

My husband and I were in awe. Dirt covered and with garden tools in hand we could only look up. Barely blinking as the events unfolded in the sky.

A Kitty! My youngest daughter pointed it out.

A dark Angel appears where the first Angel of light was....perhaps a battle in the sky? Good and Evil? Or merely an exhibition? So much food for the imagination!

In the end, the light always finds a way through the dark clouds....

A wondrous tale told by the clouds.

I simply cannot add anything to it. Its perfect the way it was told to me.

What story did you see?:-)



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