Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a whole lot of photo love...

I have been spending time with my camera and photoshop lately. I used to sell lots of clothing on ebay and I saved and saved and finally bought myself a Canon Rebel Xsi over a year ago and it did so much that was overwhelmed and stopped trying to learn! LOL
But lately something has bit me. The photo bug perhaos? I just love learning a testing and reading and absorbing. Plus I have Adobe photoshop cs2 which is another thing that seems overwhelming and is hard to remember but I LOVE it! I found a lovely place that helps a lot. Its called MCP Actions and I have been reading her blog for over a year now as well as saving up to buy her actions. I really feel like there was this person inside of me that I have never met before now- A photographer! Dying to capture the beauty and meaning of still moments of reality.

So I play...or train...yeah "train" sounds better. I'm a photographer in training...LOL Somedays I can't seem to function if I don't sit and give some time to learning all I can about photography. You would be so surprised at how much free information and help there is on the internet! I'm very glad that there is! Because my unofficial attention deficit disorder wouldn't allow me to sit in a classroom and make pinhole cameras and such. Sometimes I think I should make myself do it but the thought makes me want to vomit so I figure that isnt a good thing. I shall find another way to educate myself! As usual! :-)

Occasionally I will do a "photo love" post here on this very blog, to show you my love of photos! LOL Not sure why I put them here. It just feels good to put my work "out there" lately. It just feels right. So I don't argue anymore. I will just go with it.

So that's it.

All I came to say today!:-)

Boring in know....

OH and there is a NEW original in the Art Shop! Sea Gypsies... they are lovely!

Other than that....I remain busy busy busy preparing for the Mad Tea Party on June 26th! Collecting and thinking and dreaming... I really hope I can pull it off as I can imagine it to be!!

We will find out soon!


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