Monday, August 23, 2010

Someone you must meet...

I have won something! ME! I won the most lovely item from one of the most lovely people I have ever known (as far as one can know via the internet) and she has a new venue!

Meet Helena of Blondie Blu.

I was reading her most fabulous blog and just so happened to see she was posting a give-away one day and so I entered and I won!

look at this fabulous prize!

A lovely Tea Towel (ignore the dreadful kitchen, it doesn't look that way anymore we are in the middle of a remodel right now!)

WOW the vibrant colors, the gorgeous trim, All vintage inspired and just absolutely LOVELY!

What a sweet note she put in with it!

AND I got a couple of cool ribbon trim loveliness! I can't wait until my kitchen makeover is done so I can make some things with them!

So if you are looking for that unique something that inspires a bit of nostalgic beauty fit for the modern world, then look no further, Keep an eye out for the new Blondie Blu!

I am knee deep in a kitchen remodel and will return when I can!



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recovering from birthday MADness...

I did it. I pulled it off.
The most amazing handmade Mad Tea Party inspired birthday party that I have ever planned....only thing was that I was sooooo incredibly busy that I didn't get to take lots of photos.:-(

I have been preparing for this party for MONTHS. Knowing it would be a birthday/end of summer party I wanted to put in my all. Plus it was for my youngest daughter and she is all about doing themed parties still. So I took full advantage of it!

Here's what I did get captured...

Above is my girl in her Mad Hatter Costume! I admit, I bought the hat on ebay, I tried making a hat out of an old lampshade but it was far too heavy to pin in her hair so we got the foam one. The bowtie was made from remnant skull fabric I've been hanging on to for years now and the coat was made from silk brocade that was on sale at Jo-ann's and I used this pattern that I also bought at Jo-ann's on sale! I just used the abraham lincoln pattern but hemmed it quite a bit to suit my little shorty.:-)
A variety of tea cups and saucers along with name cards await guests. Each little girl could pick out her own special cup!

The rather stressful to make cake that I had the GREAT idea of making myself. I was so inspired by this video on You Tube. What was I thinking doing it in the middle of summer?? It had melting issues with the fondant and with our type of cooling system it started to SWEAT rather heavily! But it was colorful and all the guests oooh'd and Ahhhhed it all the way from the refrigerator to the table! Mission Accomplished!!

I handmade a variety of costumes for each little girl to choose from. Here they are all gathered in my girls room as they got ready for the party!

My baby girl was feeling so very special. Surrounded by family and friends with the most whimsical cake that made mommy cry from the absolute difficulty she encountered when she was making it...LOL but it was all worth it! Look at that smile! again MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

All the little girls cracked me up swinging their little hearts out at the teapot pinata I made, all dressed in their costumes! Too cute!
Vanity has no place in the heart of a girl when candy is involved! LOL Yet they did seem rather graceful here...

Here are my girls all decked out with costumes I made.(Though the hats were bought on ebay) waving goodbye to the guests. These outfits didn't last too long it happened to be near 100 degrees on this day and they kept changing to keep cool! We were all too hot to care! LOL

By far it was one of my best parties. I wish I had taken photos of all the yummy kinds of lemonade in glass containers with sliced fruit in them. It was rather beautiful! I was running from the time the first guests arrived to about 10pm when I was mopping the kitchen and just hit the bed hard and didnt wake up until 10 the next morning! I felt like I was hungover except without the fun of actually drinking! LOL

But all in all it was worth it. My baby girl is still going on and on about how fun her birthday was. So most likely I will do this all again!:-) These kids own me and I'm proud of it! LOL

Ok im off to bed. Tomorrow is registration day for school! WOW summer flew by way too fast! Where does the time go??

Until next time

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