Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not too much longer now....

We have officially reached the halfway point of our kitchen makeover. I am dreadfully tired. I still have one more 300 lb concrete counter top to hand sand and seal and help my hubby lift into the house but its pouring rain out today so we are just hoping for good weather tomorrow to finish our home made countertop project!
THEN we still have to

  • wallpaper the cieling (its not as bad as that sounds, its "textured wallpaper" Ill show ya soon)
  • Add crown molding to the upper cabinets
  • Choose a paint color
  • Paint
  • Grout the tiled backsplash
  • put in frosted plexi glass in two cabinet doors
  • add underlighting
  • get the disposal to stop leaking
  • install new light and medallion (decorative ring that attaches to the ceiling around the light)
  • build booth and new table for dining area.
and that should do it!

whew! I know, tiring just reading all that right? LOL

But that was nothing compared to what we already have DONE! And the best part is, after this is done, nothing will seem difficult like it did before!
Cleaning, cooking, child rearing- A BREEZE compared to this! LOL

But I am loving my new kitchen. I hope to have some good "progression" photos to show you soon but I can't stop to edit just yet, my "OCD" is kicking in- I MUST complete this project before I can move on to anything else!

Hope all is well with you dear reader. Thank you for stopping by!:-)


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