Monday, November 1, 2010

What I'm working on (finally back in the studio!)

Though the kitchen isn't completely finished, its more than functional and to be quite honest we are just tired of working on it.

So as to not rush things so we can be done all the way, we opted to let it rest. Like working on a painting, sometimes you need to stop, step back and gain perspective. This is what I call "the painting speaking" somehow stepping back sometimes sparks that certain something it was missing. I had to let it tell me. and then it can be completed as it wanted to be.:-)
The same goes for the kitchen, we will let it tell us when its ready to be completed and not make a move until then!:-)

So we celebrated Halloween and went trick or treating. Something changed this year, I have a daughter that has a boyfriend. Meaning a boy she goes steady with at school only. But his family and our family found ourselves trick or treating together, rather awkwardly, but still in good fun.

I am trying to be supportive, "family dates" are a healthy way to help coach your child to get ready for real dating one day, or so I'm told... but something melancholy struck my heart to the core. My children are growing up. Though slowly, I find myself at a point where I am needing to start the "letting go" process otherwise it will be a great shock to me one day when they announce they are moving out and going to college or whatever adventure they so choose, someday.... I feel like its all going so fast now. But are MANY threads to my "apron strings" so we have lots of time to cut each one, and I am starting now with just allowing ideas of "dating" of any kind in my mind...

Ah, having babies was the easy part of this whole parenting thing.

What else can I do but spend a day with nature, in my own back yard, and in the studio. I felt a bit of reassurance in me today as I took time to notice the leaves in the trees change color. I found myself imagining small fairies were sprinkling their comforting and sparkly pixie dust over me, and I felt as if everything was going to be alright.

When I got in the studio, I started painting these pixies. Here is one in the beginning stages:

My autumn pixies, faeries of the fall, telling me like all good things in nature, they don't so much really end as they do simply change, and they most often change for the good. Always there, but just in a different form for us to enjoy.

Here she is with her finished face...

And there are 2 more with her on this piece.

Not quite done with all of it yet but when its done I will list it in the Etsy shop. My little smiling fairies of autumn will comfort someone in need of a reminder that change can be beautiful, if we take the time to appreciate it.

Hope your autumn is a beautiful one, as mine is:-)


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