Sunday, February 20, 2011

A creative flow...

....has finally arrived once again. As to what I can attribute it to exactly....that is a mystery to me. Perhaps the few days of warm weather?? Yes that could be....perhaps the need to make art while my youngest daughter was very sick with bad chest congestion...yes, that was part of it...perhaps finding out that my ex-husband was stalking my other blog, sending his third victim to ask me questions about my kids like I wouldn't get weirded out or anything....yeah that kinda caught up with me this month.
So I could do what I used to do. Melt down, slip into a numbness so as to not deal with anything. Get upset and angry and confront the ex idiot, cry and scream at God for my daughters sickness and run naked in the warm sun....LOL

Yeah,....umm....NO...none of the above (you're welcome, neighbors)

I, instead turn to God and leave all my cares in His great hands. Turn to my husband for support and comfort and then we , together, run to our home studio and make art non-stop for days and days.
Its been a wonderful retreat. I think Art is my continual therapy/prayer/grounding that I have always longed for my ENTIRE life and didnt embrace it until I met my husband Robert that continues to believe and encourage me in EVERYTHING that I choose to do. He is a Godsend.

So what did I make?

Here is a peek at the many finished and unfinished works that seem to be just pouring out of my soul! I forgot to photograph a couple so I'll save them for another post.
But here are some....

More works for the Goddess and the Poet teachings, taught by Suzi Blu
Below is the one I created just today and I'm not quite sure yet, as to what she wants to say...But I know it will be something about possibilities....infinite possibilities...
And below....this fancy lady is an original and is available for tea at any time with YOU.
You can find her for sale in my Etsy shop right now!

And two more are complete but not yet ready for sale. I forgot to photograph my own Frida Kahlo and in inner sea creature reaching out for all the wrong friends....yeah...You'll get it once you see it. But I've run out of daylight and I only photograph in natural light. I hate flash, well the one that comes with the cameras anyway...its just gross. One day I shall splurge for a full indoor set up just for my art!

On that note... I leave you, hopefully inspired to find the art within you. Its a great place to be!


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  1. You are sooo talented. My oldest daughter just saw these and couldn't stop staring. I need to check out your etsy shop ;) These are beautiful!


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