Monday, February 28, 2011

What I'm working on this week...

Just thought I'd stop and share whats going on in the studio this week!

There is more of taking control in an out of control world....I recently figured that out. The reason I feel so strongly that I NEED to make art is that its the only way I get to have creative control over what happens. Most of my childhood was out of control and my early adult hood was even more wildly out of my control.
I had the best of intentions but like my Dad says, the road to Hell is often paved with good intentions. (My Dad can be so wise:-)

So there.

That's my art therapy lesson for this month. Art can grant you control.:-)

~Now for something more VISUAL~

I apologize in advance, I took these photos of my artwork with my cell phone, mostly at night, when I was done for the night.
Meet "Humphrey" (aptly named by my sister that immediately felt this 8-legged guy as much as I did. He is the first animal mixed media piece. He is complete and hanging in my bedroom, as all my creations do, greeting me each and every day.
Humphrey represents me often trying to love the unlovable, help the "unhelp-able", and just putting energy in lost causes... that describes my first marriage and all the friendships that went down in flames in my past.
I don't know. Just something in me that thinks everyone can find happiness if they are loved, so I try and often, they want more than I can give, and it ends. sad.
So thats what Humphrey is about...

This is a blurry pic of something I started last night. She is not done yet, but she is a representation of re-invention, emerging new, redefining of self. Not quite sure yet, but that is the feel I get while creating her. I was going to make a painting about being held down, underwater, being stifled....but that all gave me "icky feelings" on the inside (as my youngest says) and I opted for the other side of that- the day of emergence. walking out of the water and not just walking out wet and tired. Walking out NEW and FABULOUS!
Both ideas I know well.

OH and BIG HUGE NEWS....I have started playing with Oil Paints for the first time ever! Thanks to my wonderful husband, after we spent nights watching reruns of that wonderful man with his happy little afro.... the late.... the great.... Bob Ross...I loves me some Bob Ross! Always have. He just makes it all feel POSSIBLE. Love it!
My Hubby brought me oils and canvases one day, along with some for him to and we are in the studio back to back creating wonderful things! Its been great! I am in LOVE with oil paints. LOVE LOVE LOVE I tell ya!

SO I set out to create another of my Art Mentors of the past.... Frida Kahlo.
Oh how I love her. She was an AMAZING person and her art....Oh her art speaks of the soul. Its just tells of all emotions and feelings that words can't quite describe.
I was so moved when I discovered her art and her story. Viva la Frida!
So I painted a day. beginning to end all in OILS! It was one of the most gratifying feelings I have ever had. Falling in love with a medium and paying tribute to one of the greats.

Here is the evolution of My Frida...

And another visit to the fairy tale forest...

This one is entitled "what the wolf didn't know"... or something like that. She is also done in Oil paint. And is evolving nicely....I like her. She is strong yet sweet. She is no victim....and thats about all I know about her for now!

Well that's where it is at.

We are all still sick in the house. My Older kids are better from last week, my younger two are now coming down with flu symptoms today. I'm recovering from the cold that wouldnt END. Its still lingering...

I hope I leave you inspired today and if anything, thankful for your good health today.

Until Next time,

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