Saturday, April 23, 2011

Artwork into jewelry

I have been feeling just like a mad scientist deep in the lab, unkempt hair and talking to myself and EVERYTHING! Slightly slipping into creative madness, working fervently on inventions that no one has seen before.....well at least none like I have ever seen! I finally emerged recently and feel quite VICTORIOUS!!!!:-)

I have been wanting to share my work in ways that I haven't seen before. I use to make jewelry but have found that EVERYONE makes the same old type of thing. I mean it! EVERYONE makes jewelry these days. I just craved something different. SO months have gone by (sorry about that) and I have tested and re-tested, even handing precious pieces to my young children for them to take to school and wear like its their own and I have learned and found that my newly discovered process WORKS!!! IT WORKS!!!! {insert hysterical crying/laughter here}

My new discovery...

Resin soaked paper pendants...




and in the Etsy shop starting today!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! More will be coming soon in MANY forms both discovered and cutting edge! ;-)

Enjoy my invention. Even if someone else thought of it somewhere, out there. I never have seen it before and feel quite like the inventor

let me feel that for a few days at least, before you tell me otherwise... ok?

{wiping brow}

now to paint again... my dear friend has been so patient awaiting my return...



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