Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The misunderstood Marie

What is it about Marie Antoinette that fascinates me so?

A few years ago I knew virtually nothing about her. I knew she had style. But it would be my vast internet searches and movie watching that would make me fall deeply in admiring love with Marie. From the many articles I have read and watching the movie Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst, I think I've finally got a sense of why she fascinates me....

She was regal, powerful, born into luxury. She set the trends and was the object of gossip and jealousy. I feel though she was by all means "spoiled" she also was misguided by mentors of sorts that didnt have her best interests as their priority....of which I totally relate to. Well that is what I get from her story anyway.... and unlike Marie, I won't pay with my head, I have the chance to mourn my former mentor and become my own....

I love Marie. She was judged harshly by those she sought love and favor from and paid with her life. Too young and too immature to know how to take control...a beautiful tragedy....but we are all still infatuated with her to this day. May we all take a cue from Marie and learn to keep our heads....;-)


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