Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My back yard wonderland

I was so inspired by my favorite artist, Miss. V, that i decided to get back into gardening. Now I used to LOVE doing it years and years ago when I was a babymaking machine and pregnant with my 3rd and 4th child I OBSESSED in gardening. I found all the poetic joy found in putting something so small into the ground, caring for it, thinking of it, loving it and it would grow so much larger than that tiny seed.....and it would GIVE BACK! I am of course talking of the flowers, fruit and veggies I have grown. Its such a spiritual thing, gardening, if only I could do it year round.;-)

I bought this house a year and a half ago. This sad little house that was neglected and abused being a rental property for the last 8 years, seemed to be speaking to me.

I heard "Love me, I am still good, please, love me" and indeed I have....

Here is our yard when we moved in:

and here is our yard now!

Oh it has taken, quite literally, TONS of blood, sweat and tears to get it here! And we still have lots of plans that we are waiting for the funds to match...LOL Sure the grass is patchy and the path is unfinished but WOW just seeing those old photos of when we first moved in just brings tears to my eyes.

Well I will say we did it all in small increments with lots of love and patience. All of us here saw what it could be and its such a great feeling to see it evolve into its destiny....our personal "wonderland" :-) Every back yard should be that in my opinion!

I grew up moving every few months. Mostly in apartment life where there is little privacy and no "wonderlands". I longed for a private place to dream and ponder. I wanted a secret garden so badly. Now I am just thrilled to have one of my own. Also to have a wonderful family to share it with. My kids and my husband seem to share my enthusiasm.

Gosh, how'd I get so lucky??

Guess all that dreaming I did in those apartments was not done in vain.

Like seeds, your dreams need time, nourishment and love to grow and bear fruit.

Remember just because you don't see the fruit now doesn't mean its not coming. One thing I have learned is that these dream seeds will ALWAYS grow, even if you've neglected them for a time. They are pretty darn hearty.

With that my friends I hope I leave you feeling good and remembering those long forgotten planted dreams.



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