Monday, June 13, 2011

Vintage finds & Restoration love

Okay so my husband and I are totally addicted to watching the cable tv shows, American Pickers, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, and Auction Hunters.

So we started casually going out and hitting flea markets and garage sales to find treasures for our home. We are also wanting to restore some or update them if we find the right piece cheap enough.

Well this weekend WE SCORED!!!!!;-)

We got two vintage pieces. One is a traveling trunk, circa 1930's we paid $20 for and the other is a 1950's ladies suitcase that a sweet old lady sold me for $2!! Woohoo!!!

check it out!

So we read all we could about restoring this and we just couldnt decide if we want to restore this to original state or trick it out with some modern touches OR if we should combine the two in kind of a Steampunky kind of way....the possibilites are ENDLESS! So we just decided that it needed a re-facing and some reinforcement with its structure no matter what. So we pitched the umbrella and dug in....

Hours and hours later, we had a pile of old paper lining, fabric lining and countless rotten wood and spiders nests to throw away but we feel we've exposed its "bones" and that it is in pretty good shape for such rough treatment in its life.
We now have to decide on colors and fabrics and usage for this piece. I have my ideas and my husband has his....
I think I shall need to find another trunk!!! LOL

Are you a picker? Got any of those magical finds to share? I'd love to see!!!

Well the picture above is where the trunk is now. As soon as I've made some headway into its transformation I will show you!!

Until then, keep pickin' my friends!;-)



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