Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to make a deck of cards banner...

Today I will show you how to make a deck of cards banner that I made for my daughters "Alice In Wonderland" themed birthday tea party last year. We have gotten lots of use out of it since. We have had many tea parties and its so simple to just pin it up and make everything look more festive in minutes!

You can see it here at our last Mad Tea Party Post.
I hope you have your supplies handy that I put on my last post, if you need a refresher here it is:
  • cheap deck of cards- I got mine at the local Dollar Tree. Two pack for a buck! LOVE that store!
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • hot glue gun

Here are some photos as we go...ready? Set? GO!

The supplies.

Make sure you pull ample amount of thread out before you start stitching as this is used to hang the banner when you are done!

I just used a regular universal needle in a regular straight stitch setting and started sewing!

As you get to the end of the card you just get another card ready and you can overlap or leave a tiny space in between each card if you want them to spin in a mobile fashion.

and I like to put them in different angles as if they are when Alice awoke to the deck of cards falling on her after going through the looking glass.

Now for extra fun get your glue gun and place globs on the end and then put the corner of another card on it, giving this banner more of a "falling" look to it.

and that's it! Get creative! Maybe use only the hearts of a few decks! There are endless possibilities! I hope you get much use out of this fun banner as we do!

Happy Tea partying!



  1. Congratulations GiGi!!! You are the winner of my Alice Totem ornament giveaway from the mad tea party at Anaboo Creations. Come check it out on my blog. Send me your address by e-mail so that I can get it out to you.

  2. This is so sweet and so creative!!! I love the last photo! :)

  3. totally doing this for my daughters 1st birthday...alice in 1derland theme


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