Thursday, July 7, 2011

La dee da- La dee dee- Lucky me!

Lucky lucky LUCKY me for I have won some fabulous treasures! Yes I was in the right place at the right time for a change and WOW did I ever get a wondrous treasure!

Today I got home from yet another fun session at the gym (darn cake and its wonderfulness) and to my delight were two packages addressed to ME!!!

Inside of them were these lovely creations that I was lucky enough to win from the most talented and very kind spirit Lauren of Fair Rosamund!

Look at the generous eye candy that she gave away during this years Mad Tea Party!!

Gorgeous! How ever did I get so Lucky??? The print entitled "Alice in the Forest" is just beautiful!!

What cute and dainty little toadstools!! I know I will be using them again at the next Mad Tea Party!

These cards are just LOVELY! I must send nothing but loving and kind words on these beauties!

I am truly inspired! I LOVE others artwork, but my budget doesn't yet allow me to collect the pieces I admire. So I am just beyond thrilled to have these pieces in my hands! A wish come true! ;-)

"La dee da- La dee dee... lucky me" I shall sing it all day today, much to sadness of everyone's ears, but nonetheless I will always look at this beautiful print and smile and sing! ;-)

Thank you Lauren!

And for those of you reading this that have NOT seen Laurens work please head on over to her Etsy shop now by clicking HERE and I can tell you that you will NOT be disappointed! Its even more lovely in person than it is in those gorgeous photos!..... I know, I couldn't believe it either!!

With that I am off to play with my goodies and find a good place to display them in my newly painted studio!



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