Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quite the lucky girl am I

Well as you know I had such a fun time at the 4th annual Mad Tea Party and I met some LOVELY lovely lovely people. The most fun part is getting to see all of the wonderfully talented artists' creations out there. I tell you I walk away with at least a years worth of inspiration. Its amazing how one can truly grow just by seeing the work of another artists' hands. Its truly wonderful!!

Quite the lucky girl am I for I was lucky enough to have been chosen to receive a most wonderful work of art when the lovely and most talented Sylvia of Anaboo Creations gave away this amazing work of art during the Mad Tea Party!

Look at her eyes...Oh they have so much expression in them

The details in the face are just amazing!

Oh that smiling cat. Everyone knows who that is! I love him!

Complete with teapot! Ready for a mad tea party!

I still can't believe that I have won an Alice in wonderland totem ornament Made by Sylvia!!
It is so perfectly wonderfully made! I have been coveting her pieces since I saw them!

I have always wished to sculpt faces and make art dolls so I TRULY appreciated every little detail once I saw Alice in person!
Its just amazing isn't it? I tell you, my creative heart has been rejuvenated with this little piece. Such a wonderful thing indeed.

And my children were with me when I received this package and were present when we first gazed upon Alice and all 4 of them, even the teenagers, gasped in excitement asking so many questions after learning that Sylvia had MADE this little Alice ornament. It really inspired them which, as a mother, there is no greater gift than to see and hear the excitement of possibility in my children. It was quite moving to say the least! *wiping tear*

So go on over and get to know Sylvia at her blog! She's also on Ebay AND She has a great facebook page for Anaboo Creations as well! So go "like" it, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

(yeah I may be stalking her a little...LOL but in a good way I promise!!!)

Thank you again SO VERY MUCH Sylvia! Alice has a permanent home with me in my painting area of the studio. I know she will be with me as I create and perhaps can give me some very good advice when I need it too!!! ;-)


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  1. Oh Gigi! What a wonderful post!!! I'm so glad Alice and Chez went to a loving home. Enjoy!


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