Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hail Mary

Since taking Suzi Blu's Goddess and The Poet classes I really felt a deep connection with Mary, Mother of Jesus. I feel like I really "get" why the Catholics I know cling to her and hold her sacred. I had done a piece before and explored her as the feminine aspect of God. But something just didn't feel complete...

So for the last month she came to me again in my art. I had to finish exploring a more personal side of her. Mother.

For so long I have quite noticed that in conversation and well in most aspects of my being I tend to hold on to the negative. The sad and unpleasant words and actions from others that I have experienced in my life.For so long I just couldn't figure out why I do that. Inside I felt like I didn't want negative, yet it was all I thought of or spoke of. For many years.

 In the last few conversations I have had with my mother it didn't take long before I figured out the origin of this behavior. In fact EVERY woman in my family seems to do this.

So it is true. Children grow to emulate what they see in the adults around them, whether they intend to or not. It manifests in one form or another.

The gravity of this revelation has rendered me silent. I listen closely for the echo of myself found in my children.

What gross aspect of my ancestors have I passed on inadvertently?

I am pleased to say that what I have heard gives me hope. Though not perfect, my children are open to change and took to it as soon as I could put it into place. I am mother and my actions really and truly DO speak far louder than words.

Together I think we shall change. I hope to find only positive things to tell you from now on. Not that life is pain free. But dwelling on it just attracts more of the same.

So listen up mothers, whether we like it or not, our babies are watching us. In their view we ARE the ultimate example of good and proper living, they will imitate us certainly. Please do not take this role lightly. Though we should not OBSESS over it, we ought to put good effort into the job and maybe even change this world, one thought at a time. It can be done. I am a believer.;-)

 All this was revealed to me within a months time as I worked on Mary. I like to think she guided me to this point. Though a humbling awakening it has opened the door to forgiveness for my mother. I was not aware that I hadn't truly forgiven her for some past experiences until I understood the actions speak louder than words principle that MY "Mary" taught me.;-)

For this I am forever grateful.

With the utmost humility and love,


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