Friday, September 9, 2011

Artwork for sale!

Finally, a customer made me realize that not everyone wants a print that they can be sure that in 1000 years it will be dug up and displayed at the Louvre or some futuristic place like it!

 Most of us like to have prints that look great in detail and color to decorate our homes and make us smile as we pass them.

 So in my art shop on Etsy I have some inexpensive prints for sale! I've made sure to buy some good archival printing paper then I coat each one twice(as recommended by the manufacturer) with a UV/ Moisture protectant / preservation spray. 

 I am SO relieved. Now my struggle to part with pieces that I am in love with currently is over! I can sell prints and keep my babies a bit longer. That is until I feel that they are ready to leave. At that time I will let you all know! LOL

 I do have an original for sale now with more prints to come.... You can find it listed here...

Yes I know, I do have a thing for Little Red...and Marie Anotinette.... and Alice in Wonderland....and...and... I could go on for a year! LOL But this was one of my first Oil paintings and she came out exactly as I had felt her before I began to sketch her out. I just LOVE when that happens! A truly wonderful journey.

Inspired by my own struggle to get past "old habits" I felt this painting as I created it, when people from my past tried to interrupt the peaceful life I have worked hard to achieve. I found that now I hold all the power. I had the choice all along to allow others to interfere with my life or not. I suppose I shocked my "big bad wolf" from my past because as soon as this person saw my strength they immediately bolted from my life and have not been sighted since.

We all have the power, it is only a matter of using it.
and with that I leave you, hopefully aware of your own hidden power...go on....USE IT! ;-)


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