Sunday, February 5, 2012

...and life goes on.

...Rather happily at that. Sorry I have been away. The pondering of mortality kicked my creativity into gear and I have been working on SO many projects. But not as much Art as I wanted. I have started this cute little lady below and the background is working itself out in my brain....

And I have been working out the TREMENDOUS issues I have had with my large format printer....ugh...don't get me started. BUT in the end, I think I have got it! I love being able to offer large sized prints. Epson has wonderful large format printer and their quality is just wonderful! You get more bang for your buck in my opinion. This will have to do until I can get the giclee printer I want. You know, when I win the lottery and become crowned queen of all things pink and Hey, stranger things have happened. ;-)

 But until I can devote my full time back in the studio the piece I have started will progress slowly for a change, my husband and I fell into offering photography service in the Albuquerque area. We've been able to photograph babies (my favorite), children and Seniors so far and have a wedding shoot in June with 24 bridesmade and groomsmen....yeah I'm gonna need an extreme wide angle lens please?? LOL
 So as I dive into that new media of art I will still make sure and stop everything and work on my first love, mixed media art and oil painting. And  of course I can print on demand! Ahh if only I could clone myself.... but I was told that they broke the mold....stomped on it and burned it and buried its ashes at that. This crazy artist couldn't and SHOULDN'T be replicated...LOL

 and with that I hope I leave you with a bit of a disturbed yet amused half smile...;-) (if you know me you know this to be my usual goal)


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