Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what I've been up to

Well I have been quite the busy girl lately! I've been feeling great and the creativity has been opening like never before!

 In local areas I have entered a T-shirt contest held by my favorite local boutique 66 pin-ups! So if you are on facebook the voting ends on June 15th 2012 so if you could, log in, click on this link

and then click the 'like' button to vote for my design!

 Since then, I have had a streak of good luck with painting old school style pin up girls but with a modern twist- Tattoos!  Here are some of my new pieces...

Well that last one doesnt have her ink yet... I'm deciding on the designs still but I am just LOVING making these lovely ladies of way back when beauty looked healthy. I sure don't think the runway models of today look like they are happy and enjoying life. I look at them and want to feed them! LOL seriously! Its sad.

 So I am bringing back my own joy by reveling in  the art of the pin-up. Its been  a great journey so far!

Well I hope you are growing and exploring for the good of yourself as well!

I'll try to stop and share here more often!

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