Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to The Tea Party!

 Down  Down Down the Rabbit hole we go.......

 Welcome! Do take your seat!

 We have the ever-so-lovely Miss Alice herself  here with us today

 And the ever-so-adorable Mad Hatter will try to help you keep an eye on the time for you today

 Hmmm...whatever shall we start with? There are so many goodies to choose from!

 Wait! Dear Alice, there is something you should know about that particular cookie before you take a bite!

 "Very well then," said Alice "I shall pour the tea now"

"Oh me too!" Shouted Hatter..."Tea Tea Tea...How I love pouring the tea!"

 "Oh Dear, a little feathered friend has just drank all of my tea"

 "Oh this is just silly!" Laughed Alice, "This bottle instructs me to 'Drink it'"

 "Well it will make you shrink quite a bit if you do!" Said Hatter "WHAAAAAAAAT?" exclaimed Alice. "I shall do nothing of the sort!"

 Hatter was too preoccupied to care what Alice drank or didn't seems a cupcake was tempting him greatly.

 "MMmmmmmmmmmm" both Hatter and Alice mumbled "Gooood Cupcakes"

Awwwwww....time for the party to come to an end.

But the good news is today is also The Mad Hatters Unbirthday celebration!
One he realized this he said "Clean cup, Move Down...let's start my unbirthday celebration! And then Alices unbirthday is also today...and yours....and then mine again....and doormouse...." 
{and well....he just went on like that for ages}

The End.

Thank you for attending our Mad Tea Party today! I hope you have had a lovely time! I know we did!

A very HUGE thank you to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for hosting such a wonderful event. I tell ya I look forward to it each year. It never disappoints! (also I got the tutorial to make the large mushrooms from her here)
You can see the past Mad Tea Parties that we have attended with our own children by clicking on the year: 2011 2010 this year our kids opted out but there were other children delighted to join!

Please go check out the blog at A Fanciful Twist to visit more Mad Tea Party Goers this year. There is SO much fun to be had!

{All the photos were setup and taken by my husband and I. We have a new photography business that we have been madly working on in our city and it is going so well thanks to all the lovely people, some we have just met recently and some have known for years that were willing to take a chance on us and try something new. A link to the full session on our facebook business page HERE a new website is in the works} 

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