Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oh dear, it looks like the tea has gone to the dogs!! {Welcome to our Mad Tea Party 2013!}

Welcome! It's time for our entry for the 2013 Mad Tea Party hosted by the illustrious hostess Vanessa V of A Fanciful Twist. If this is your first time hearing of such a thing then I encourage you to follow the link to find years past of wonderful Mad Tea Parties from around the globe and beyond!

  Here is our tale of a quite unusual tea party in Wonderland....

"Greetings my good fellow, So glad that you have made it to tea!" said the Hatter.

"Alice is Oh ALICE my dear come here and meet our wonderful guests! Oh where has that girl gone to?" said Hatter

 "Here I am!" shouted Alice, "I was talking at that pesky Cheshire cat....that pesky ol' cat... OH! Our guests are here! Hooray!" called Alice "How wonderful to make your acquaintance"

"It is so lovely to see you again dear Hatter" said Alice "Oh the treat is all mine, my dear." said the Hatter

 "Yes, how about some proper tea! Yes? I have already served you up some of your favorite Alice, Jasmine tea, plucked from the Red Queen's garden just this week!"

"Oh how delightful!" Exclaimed Alice as she anxiously began to lap up the tea "lap, lap lap"

"Wait a moment..."said alice, "Did you say this tea is from the QUEEN'S Garden???!!!??? Oh DEAR, won't she be furious if she finds us drinking her precious Jasmine tea from her garden?? Hatter! I might lose my head!" Exclaimed Alice

 "Well my dear Alice, you and your furry little head are in luck, for the Queen is away, watching the caucus race and won't be back until winter! So there is no good sense in letting all that lovely Jasmine go to waste is there?"

 "Oh Hooray!" shouted Alice and she began to dance a happy little jig all around.

"Yes it is quite delightful indeed" said Hatter, feeling a little embarrassed for Alice, for her dancing skills were a tad bit unrefined. "Come now and enjoy the tea before it gets cold, my dear"

"Happy Happy Happy, I'm so hap-'lap lap lap lap'-py!" She sang as she enjoyed her Jasmine Tea.

 "Oh Alice, you are positively Mad about this tea!" Hatter laughed then, talking to his audience, he said: "Did you hear that? I made a joke! Ha ha!" He said, feeling rather clever.

"Clean Cup! Move Down!" Shouted Hatter and they moved on to another cup of tea. Alice decided to do another dance to show her excitement for her fresh cup of tea.

 Alice spilled a bit of tea and began to lap it up "Must not waste a drop!" she said. "Oh Alice" sighed the Hatter.

"Its as if she were raised by wolves, I tell you, but her atrocious manners do not make me love her any less!" The Hatter explained to his audience.

"Yipeeee for Tea and Yipeee for Hatter!" shouted Alice as she began to dance again.
"Oh I could not agree more, my dear Alice, Yipee Indeed!" said Hatter

And this continued for the rest of the day. More Dancing. More tea and more of Hatter's silly jokes!

The End. 

Thank you for coming to our silly tea party!  Thank you to Vanessa of A Fanciful twist for hosting this annual event of whimsy! To attend many more wonderful tea parties from around the globe be sure to visit  here and view the side bar for a list and party away! 
Happy Tea Party Day!!! :-) 

 Ginger the dog, Chewy the dog and family!

Chewy as The Hatter
Thank you so much for coming to our Tea Party! We've enjoyed your visit immensely! 
See you Next year!!
Ginger as Alice

About the photos:
This years' players were our own "Ginger" the Pomeranian Chihuahua mix that we adopted from our local animal shelter in 2009 at one year old, played the part of Alice. Ginger is usually the one that behaves but she gave us quite the workout getting her to sit at the table!
The part of the Hatter was played by our other lovable rescue "Chewy" which is short for Chewbacca, whom we adopted in early 2011 when he was just a 4 month old ball of cuteness. He usually is a stubborn guy so we had quite the shock when we put on the clothing and sat him in the chair he stayed! Hat and all, he stayed and seemed to 'smile' at the camera!

My husband and I also have a photography business and we also have a rather large assortment of "Wonderland" themed props! (my guilty pleasure) 
We were so happy to put them to use again this year, with our "fur babies" which worked out better than we hoped.
 We do hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did creating it!

You can view our past tea parties here: 2010, 2011, 2012



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