Sunday, November 17, 2013

my creepy trees...

 So I have found myself imagining and painting what I imagine with the greatest of ease. Yesterday I finally got my creepy tree landscape out of my brain. Oh it was quite satisfying, as any artist knows, its not always easy to get what you imagine out in the way that you imagined it, bit I did!  This 2 piece work reminds me of something my mother always told me that I had said when I was just 4. She says I was coloring a forest scene with crayons and I colored my trees blue and my mother, in her critical, yet loving ways that are still very much prevalent said to me "Honey trees are green, not blue." Which I promptly told her in response "The trees can be blue, they are MY trees and they can be blue if I want them to be blue."   oooh buuuurn. lol Just kidding. Well mostly.

So these are MY creepy little trees.

 Been really in the mood for the band "Grouplove" lately. It seems when I am listening to these songs, my mind just creates and my hands happily oblige and what results makes my heart whole again. It really activates the "right brain" so to speak.....

 I dreamed of my creepy little tree forest and now I can see it in reality. Today I shall add color to it and whatever else my brain can think up! :-)

Oh and here is my current favorite song by Grouplove, of whom, by the way, my 15 year old daughter introduced me to. She is turning out to be a very good influence on I know I have talked about how we struggled when she hit 13 and went "boy crazy" and it seemed that she was breaking my heart but now I see that she was just breaking free...cutting the apron strings....etc. and now we have reached a happy medium of living, I am truly looking forward to our future. Our every strengthening friendship, as well as our mother and daughter bond. I am really proud of the person that she is.

Anyway back to Grouplove and their fun song Ways to go. Which seems to perfect in my life right now, well in life in general, in some areas you've got a little bit longer until its over and in some areas you've got a ways to go. So when I hear this song it comforts me. Yep, I've got a little bit longer...wait, nope. I've got a ways to go! lol Plus the video is cute. :-)

 So I am off to create more art today. Tea in hand and playlist going. Life is good!

What are you up to today?

 Happy Sunday!


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