Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dreamy state of being...

So I have found myself wanting to lose myself in paint. That is, to be so into creating a piece that I lose myself and am ever so happy to do so. I do not find reality until the piece is done or I have to pee.

 Peeing is such a nuisance when you are completely enveloped into the world of art. But I am a total herbal tea addict as well as an art addict....*sigh* alas the two addictions of mine interrupt eachother...whats a girl to do?

 So I paint, then drink tea, then I paint some more and then I pee, then I paint...well you get the whole vicious cycle thing I am desperately trying to make sound more interesting...

 Here is my latest ever evolving piece....(I apologize in advance for the crappy cell phone photos)

in Oils... on black canvas...*oh the delight of black canvas!!*

She started like this...

 And is evolving into this....oh such a strange and lovely thing she is and I LOVE her to death!

I am not nearly finished loving her. I will share more as her and I grow together and figure out what story she and I have been wanting to tell....

 And for this weeks Musical Muse- well visual and musical muse it has all been

Coco Rosie

and I especially LOVE to see this video on repeat. The visual does amazing things to my brain I tell ya. AMAZING.

Yes it seems music has much to do with the art process. At least in my brain it does.
And I am happy that it does.

So all is quiet and happy here in my healing art land. I've gotten most of my shopping done for Christmas. Looking forward to my kids faces on Christmas morning. Those are the BEST moments in life in my opinion.
Just painting and moving along in my dreamy state of being here in my home studio.
OH this is new- I no longer feel nervous and anxious as I did this last year. Its been a hell of a journey, but sometimes tough journeys are just the thing we need to show us how amazing we truly are. Even if only to show ourselves, it is worth it to absolutely know how wonderful and strong and powerful you are. I am grateful to know exactly how amazing I am now.

With that I return to my painting....sending all light and love to you.

Until we meet again,

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