Thursday, January 16, 2014

In the works for January 2014

I have LOTS of wonderful things going on at the moment but what I am MOST excited for is my own personal 365 Days of Art challenge that I have given myself for 2014. The goal is to do SOMETHING each day that is art related. Each and EVERY day! Which at first seemed like a real challenge but has turned out to be the BEST thing I could have given myself! I am sharing my progress on Instagram and I am not alone. just search the hashtag #356daysofArt and you will see that many other wonderful artist are doing the same and sharing lovely works! Its SO exciting!

 Here's some that I have been working on for January...
The 3 pieces that I ushered the New Year in with...
She started as just an experiment in eyes and she developed before my eyes! Its called "Mina in the Moonlight" and I LOVE her!
One that I have yet to title but she started in October, hence the pumpkins, and has evolved and is complete and drying now.

I have finished TWO oil paintings already! WOW! I am just waiting for them to dry, with oils it can take months for it to completely dry so once they are I will be getting them ready for print and sale in my Etsy Shop!

 I have two more that I am working on currently. You can watch my progress on Instagram if you have an account there. Here is the link to my account, won't you join me there? This account is also where I share my husband's and My photography adventures. We offer photography locally and it has been a wonderful medium of art! I do so enjoy the whole process and especially enjoy that I can share it with my husband, whom is also my very best friend.

 Well I hope that this New Year has started off well for you, I wish you nothing but the best for 2014 & beyond!

Until next time,

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