Thursday, July 10, 2014

Working on the shop on and off...

Right now in my art shop I have a few things, I feel like I used to have a lot of things but somehow, they have sold or were destroyed by my leaky studio roof after a lot of rain came some years ago....

 So slowly I am rebuilding a new body of work. No prints since my large format printer died. I really need to find someone to print my art prints for me! I will. Soon.

 Anyhow heres what is new and old in there...

This is one I painted in 2009 I think. Not sure, its been a while but it was always a favorite! I've decided to part with it. I have big plans and illustrations on purses wasn't as diverse as I had hoped. Or I just got tired of it. Can't I move through art projects so much.

Click on the photos to visit them in my shop! Or click HERE to go there!

And Original pieces from my mixed media on wood period. Which I still think I will visit with again, just not at the moment.

Well that is all the new/old pieces I have in there this week! I have also added a few more and will be rebuilding the shop as the summer comes to an end.

 With that I leave you and turn in for the night. Sweet dreams my friends, sweet dreams....


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