Thursday, May 28, 2015

Checking in....

I haven't been here in ages. I just found another "rabbit hole" to fall down in other social media and I have been pleasantly wandering around there.

 Pinterest, is my FAVORITE place, Oh but then Instagram- Yes I LOVE the visual displays of other artists and fun people I have gotten to know there. I have been making mermaids with my photography business and I love to share my work on our facebook page.

 Been working on a facebook page just for my artwork.{Click Here} .its not much yet but please go check it out! BUT I am sure about opening a shop over at Big Cartel just for my artwork! Check it out GioncarlaLovato on Bigcartel. This shop will have my new artwork, including my personal photography work. 

I loved their terms, price and it seems Etsy is just getting more and more expensive to keep open with now having to pay for your items to show up in a search, etc. Its just time to move on from there I think.
 I do not like thinking of the money side of things and I avoid it as much as I can when it comes to my personal art so Big cartel made it easy with a monthly fee- boom, its done and I don't have to worry about so may different varying fees. LOVE IT!

  I also found a home for all of my older, retired or sold art. I have used some of their aspects in a digital re-working and then have them printed onto products! These will only be found at my shop on Society6!!!

 Other than that our oldest child, and our only son, graduated High School! It was a wonderful and emotional day. I am SO proud of my son. Many people, including myself, didn't think I could do a good job raising a son as young as I was when I had him, but with the help of my husband and his supportive family, I am seeing that I did it and he came out well. Such a fine, caring and responsible young man.

I am grateful.

 He starts college in the fall with 15 credit hours already done and a 4 year scholarship. Yeah I AM proud! :-)
Now I have his 3 younger sisters left in school. My oldest daughter will be a Senior in high school in the fall, my middle daughter enters the 8th grade and my baby will be a 6th grader! Crazy!!! Time flies so fast with kids. I am trying to be more mindful of the moments we have now because I have learned that it all goes by and once the day is over, you can never get it back. This is especially true with your children. Soon they are no longer children, but young adults making choices that will effect their entire lives. Its deep.

 Life has been good. I have still been working on managing life with anxiety. I have been able to make good choices for myself and every day I get just a little bit more aware of how  to change my thinking. I firmly believe that we can heal from depression and anxiety if we are patient and devoted to it. It's like riding a bike, in order to do it you must learn to balance and always keep moving forward.

 Well I hope this little update finds you well. I am making art and mostly sharing it on my instagram, which is now set to public, after learning much about my family dysfunction I came to the absolute resolution that it was not I that offended but they that chose the offense. Pity, because my art, being about me and my life, might have opened a dialogue for healing. But if one doesn't want to recognize their sickness then there can not be healing. So I will keep going on my healing path knowing that if others are moved by my works, even if it feels negative, it is always for my benefit. There is much to learn where there is pain. Address the pain, find the source and you find the release! That is what is helping me anyway. I hope it helps someone else too!


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