Tuesday, November 3, 2015

To be clear....

Recently, I have noticed that a few people that claim they want nothing to do with me in life are currently reading my words here. Wait. What? I thought I was too insignificant for you.....HA!

  I think its because recently a lot of my social media has been made public. My "Blocked" list has been eliminated for the most part.

 SO let me be clear.....

 It is not an invitation. Not because I am sorry. Not out of any form of regret did I do this. I do not miss anyone that I haven't approached. Not out of anything but sheer forgiveness that I have stopped hiding. Whether the forgiveness deserved to be given or not is irrelevant. I deserve it so I forgive.

But I will not forget.

I have been hidden out of fear. Out of pain. Out of hurt.

Now I do nothing out of fear, pain or hurt. Or as little as possible anyway. That is that.

 It has been said to me that art is not so much a matter of talent but of a matter of the heart. As long as you have dedication and have something to say, you can be successful.

 Boy, do I have a lot to say.

Currently I am driven in my desire and dedication to learn and it is leading me places that I didn't dare dream of....

Good stuff.

Drawing class...

Black and white charcoal on a 19x25 burnt sienna colored paper. LOVED it!

 Halloween was a BLAST! I went dressed as Lily Munster! I know, what a surprise.

Then my daughter, husband and I went to see Awolnation in concert!

How cool would it be to create a painting of this photo above? They put on such a great show. My husband, whom was not a fan of AwolNation, is now a fan!

Other than that, life is good. Busy but good. I am blessed with good friends and family.

Now I will gear up for the upcoming Holidays and final exams as I continue my education. Exciting stuff!

Until next time,

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